Porsche World Roadshow - Kuwait

I was sent an invitation by Porsche Kuwait before 2 weeks to come and attend the roadshow today at their showroom from 8am - 1pm.

We were 15 people who got the chance to drive different Porsche cars with 2 professional instructors all the way from their showroom to their camp set at Mutla'a. We stopped at 4 different locations going and coming back to change drivers to have a chance to drive all their cars. I got chance to drive Porsche Carrera 4S, Porsche Targa 4S, Porsche Cayman, Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Porsche Boxter S. The best one was Carrera 4S. It was with a modified engine with 385bhp. I just loved it!

This was the first roadshow I have ever been too and it was the best. Porsche Kuwait organised it really well. I have to say I will be a proud owner of a Porsche soon. Its one beautiful machine from design to driving.

Porsche Boxter S

Porsche Targa - My speed 172 km/hr

Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Porsche Cayenne Turbo - My speed 195 km/hr

My special thanks to Porsche Kuwait for giving me the chance to come and experience these beautiful peace of art cars.


Anonymous said…
I loved the cars ..

we got to see ur reflection on the Carrera :) shy jameeel :)

Dont quit!
Anonymous said…
La wala ? Radayt 3shan t7erna ya3ni ?
Lucky Lucky boy . Glad you had Fun .
bb q8 said…
lol. 195kph! Are you crazy?
Looks like you had great fun, next time i wanna come with and don't forget, I will take yours for a test drive!
FourMe said…
Commented but not appearing weird..
As I was saying I'm not a fan of Porsche but if it was an Aston Martin or bugatti outting I would be drooling by now :P
Anonymous said…
cat: thanks..I am really busy with work..I just felt like I had to post this so I came :)

greyshorts: Just came to tease ya :PpP

bb q8: I was on 210 later..sure you can take mine :)

fourme: ahh AM has no comparison with Bugatti :) If it was bugatti I probably wont sleep for a night :D I am crazy about cars !
The Criticizer said…
7arakat, lucky you got to attend!
FourMe said…
Join the club! But not any cars just Fine cars ;) I know its no comparison but one has to dream of an affordable one and one that is WAY out of reach!
Navy Girl said…
yay !! love them mashala !! :D

oh and by the way we can see you standing over there lol :D
Ra7aLaH said…
lucky u haa! great pics thanks!
Anonymous said…
the criticizer: thanks :)

amethyst: :)

fourme: hehe affordable one and way out of reach..I can buy a Porsche but not afford to maintain it..and I can dream about Bugatti(may be my son will buy me someday) :D

navy girl: thanks :)

ra7alah: cheers!
FourMe said…
hahaha just park it outside the house and look at it :P Can your son buy me one too, plzZz pretty plz
Anonymous said…
fourme: let me get married first :D

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