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'Grey' said…
39% dumb ! lol !

* leeching *
Mirror Polisher said…
Didn't work for me coz i put in a fake name and email and it didn't accept it :(

Guess i am so dumb i couldn't even get the results :)
Lala* said…
etsaddig 3baly bl ghala6 dakhalt fourMe's page!!
Enigma said…
didnt work for me.
make your quiz for guys (i.e. what would you do if u made a girl pregnant)
Navy Girl said…
a dumb quiz ??? are you that desperate amu ! :D
pink said…
mashala mashala im 28% dumb LOOOL
..::Amu::.. said…
grey: you beat me :P

mirror: what about the person who will receive your answers in his/her e-mail? they will be shocked :D

zi-one: :)

lala: hehe I guess you miss her alot!

enigma: *evil look*

navy girl: no its for me to know about you :P

pink: good good mashalla 3alaich!!

kuwaitya: you are close to me :P
Mirror Polisher said…
:D shock to find out that they were dumb and didn't know it :D

I didn't use anyone else's email. Name i put: A
Last name i put: B

email i put:
Anonymous said…
i got 12% dumb!

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