Its been days I have been thinking that am I making the right decision? Will this effect my future? How will it effect me? Will I be able to have a stable income with my future decisions? All these thoughts really kept me busy. And its been one last busy year managing my job and business together by spending 15 + hours every day and returning back home with headache or body ache.

And finally today I resigned looking forward to a much more hard working future and developing my career. I know I will be having much more stressful days in the near future but at least I will be concentrating on my business. My aim in life is much more than a job and that's what I will be aiming for. I know its a tough decision but I have trust in myself that I can do it. Its been over 5 years since I started working. First as a teacher (where my love for kids started), then moving to Kuwait University as an computer engineer and then finally to my present job from which I resigned today. I would never regret these 5 years plus of great days with a lot of experience that I am taking with me to put in my business. Not to forget some of the great colleagues at work and outside with sweet and sour work relationship. Some became friends and some hard core enemies. Its all part of great experiences in life!


A Journal Entry said…
to a brighter future!
Anonymous said…
yes u can do it man.. all the best in your work.. think positive and look at the bright side :)
Squirreliya said…
Wish you all the best..

p.s: u've been missed
Anonymous said…
A Journal Entry: Enshallah :)

ZaMaHReeR: thanks :)

Squirreliya: I missed you guys too...and thanks for the luck :)
ZuZu said…
allah ywafgek :D
Hellraiser said…
Good for you, when you start dreading going to work its time to quit. I will be doing the same this month.
I applaud your decision!
Your beginnings and all your previous jobs have in a way matured you. Your are now more capable of building a stable future. And let's not forget the connections you've created through them.

Inshallah mwaffaq. I am all for having one's own business.
Anonymous said…
May God bless you in your Journey Amu , May you always be successful. May God watch over your business ..

Best Wishes

3anooda said…
just admit that u have been wanting to copy me. LOOOL kidding

bilbaraka inshallah - i bet a lot of thought went into it and u weighed it out properly and as long as ur confident and sure about it then i say never look back.

good luck with everything and hope you get what is in ur heart
Technogal said…
Inshallah to a much much better career.. good luck amu :)
F. said…
I think resigning has been given a bad that it doesn't deserve.
If you've got some sort of plan for the near future, you'll be fine.
If it's what you want, go ahead.
Good luck.
Aurous said…
mwafag enshallah :)

good luck :D
Anonymous said…
U desrve all the best Amu.

May God be with u and bless u in each and every step u take : D

i wish u all the best from the bottom of my heart ..

Allah ywafgik inshallah : )
J o u j a™ said…
allah ywafgik then with ur own bushiness i wish the best of luck
MeeMzZ said…
AMU, i think ur a wise man and i wish you good luck with all my heart!!;)
Anonymous said…
Great decision...working for others will get u no where, got luck
q8Honey said…
With all that said in ur post and in the previous comments, there's nothing more to add .. I support ur descision and wish u luck ;) welcome back!
Anonymous said…
That takes a lot of courage, Amu! We know you have all the intelligence and persistence and work ethic that it takes to make a success of yourself. Wishing you only the best future!
Anonymous said…
Good luck~
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
it is a gr8 experience ! oh wow u were a teacher? can you tell me how was it and was it fun or boring and was it gr8 or just stress?
MuLaN said…
emwfg enshalla in every move you make =)
i wish you the best of luck! :)
Ansam said…
Good luck Amu :-) all the best
Missy said…
CONGRATS! a7is e7saaas 7elwwww!! Good luck with your business. If I were you, I'd hibernate for a week ;p

Congrats on having the courage to follow what's close to your heart :) Its a big step indeed and I admire you for taking it :)

You've always been an inspiration and clearly continue to be, Amu. :)
mo3ath said…
دامك واثق من نفسك وحطيت خطه كامله وتصور حق الوضع الي راح يصير مااقدر إلا اني اقول

الله يسمح دربك ويوفقك :)
Ms. D said…
oh lord u quit!!!

thats shocking.. i hope u do get to do wut u have ur heart set on!

i know for fact that u CAN do it..

u know well b here.. supporting u min el7en till the end ;D

bon chance :)
Anonymous said…
ZuZu: ajma3een enshallah :)

Hellraiser: yeah...there comes a time when you just have to let it go...

Sham3at Al Jillas : thanks you so much for your lovely comment :) It feels great to hear encouraging words!

Anonymous: thanks bro :)

3anooda: hehe yes I just wanted to see how it feels when I copy u ;p

Technogal: thanks :)

F.: thanks!

Aurous: thanks :)

Anonymous: ajma3een enshallah :)

J o u j a™ : thanks!

MeeMzZ: thanks :) thanks mate :)

q8Honey: thanks:)

intlxpatr: thanks for the sweet words!

anamethystworld: thanks :)

♥ P-Ella ♥ : you will hate it in the beginning and love it at the end! you just get attached to those kids!

MuLaN : thanks :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: thanks:)

Ansam: thanks :)

Missy: Hibernate!!! laish? ;p

Maya // مايا: thanks mayo :)

mo3ath: ajma3een enshallah :)

Seattle dude: thanks mate!

Ms. D: well you knew I was doing it sooner or later :D
That's happened with me a couple years ago and before that, I need another couple of years thinking of whether I quit my good job with good salary or doing my own business. Finally, I choosed the last one and believe me it is worthwhile. Hope all the best.
Cheese :D
My pleasure 3mo :P
Ps. That note to yourself was cute :P
Anonymous said…
"aim in life is much more than a job" -- indeed, we all need to progress and give reason to our lives. I hope for the both of us to be able to add on to our societies and be self-content. Bismillah :)

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