Busy Weekend...

This weekend has been really busy so far. I have been really spending a lot of time at my business which means I am not back home before 12AM. Its fun though because I don't realize when the clock strikes 11PM. I am learning a lot of new things from my dad so we are constantly in touch. I ask him for advises and then call our suppliers and tell them what we are looking for.

Last night I went out with my friend in his corvette and guess what we always used to speed up after Bnaidar thinking there are no cameras or the police wont really stop us. Last night there were surprisingly a lot of police cars and they were chasing every car they found over speeding. We were one of them ;p All i know is that we were on 270km/hr but the police guy said that his radar caught us on 170km/hr. So he goes like usually we have to take away your license but I will just give you a ticket. We didnt argue as we knew we were wrong :D but the most funniest part of the story is at the end when the police returned us back the registration book and the license. He was like do u want to sell your corvette? Then he goes btw which model is your corvette? Now the first question was ok to ask but the second one was the most dumbest question he could ever ask. I mean when he took our registration book to write the fine the year was on it!!!

After getting a ticket we went to the newly opened starbucks in Nuwaiseeb. It was really crowded there. I never expected it to be like this. There were a few other guys in their sports cars but I didnt feel that I was in the middle of the desert. I felt like I was somewhere near Marina Starbucks. I just hope in future I get to see less people there as I hate crowded places.

BTW a guy hit on me....OH I should say he is a gay. Last night I was feeling hungry so I went to the KFC in salwa where this gay boy works. He was talking to me in a flirtish way but the worse part is when he gave me my meal in a bag he touched my hand. I was like WTF!!! I mean fine ur gay and I respect that but why the hell you have to touch my hand. I was really pissed at him as this is the second time he did that...If he does it again he is will get good ones from me!

How was your weekend? I have been missing on riding so I will wear my gear and go for a ride now :D


A Journal Entry said…
that's one adventurous weekend!
S E 7 E N said…
no no the dumbest Q? is when he takes ur license and ask u ok wats ur name ??? once a police man stopped me and asked for the deftar and also asked wat kind of car is this ..... aaaaaaaaah maktoob 3indik bil daftar ......

weekend .... laish akoo shay isawoona bil kuwait for the weekend ghair ga3dat shaleeh or diwaniya ...
LOOOOOOL... Wanasaaa! There is nothing like a good weekend after a tough week. You've earned it, dude.

My weekend sucked... I have been sick for several days, and I just started recovering. So I had absolutely no fun.
Anonymous said…
dude 270!!!
that is dangerous but still fun..
u better take care next time.. wear ur seat belts :P
MeeMzZ said…
LOOOOOOL....cooool, MAAAAAN!! that was awsome!!
q8Honey said…
lool.. as long as u had fun ;p
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
funny dumby cop (a):P gosh I love seeing people speeding !! so much fun!!

mmmm he's tottaly gayish:P
Balqees said…
allah ygweek :)
and ur man so suck it up and work harder :P

LOOOOL @ he gay guy
ya3ni come on ur hot 6yb and u attract homosexul guys its not ur fault
ur just too pretty :P
desertpalms said…
LOL AT DA GAY GUY...he jus cant keep his hands away from you i guess ;)


are you sure ur not overeacting jus a lil bit =p ya3ni how is he supposed to give u the bag without touching ur hand?
Anonymous said…
BMW motorcycle club invited us for a free breakfast at SAS, to meet the members of Bahrain Motorcycle Club visiting Kuwait then they rode to Duha, i went back home once we reached the Sheraton.

We were like 50+ bikes


Checkout the video
Anonymous said…
First of all on ur busy weekend, Allah ya36eek i97a wil 3afya ..

and on the speeding part, OMG 270 O_o ! what r u guys up to ?? yes speeding is fun but not 270 u know : /

and on that gay guy hitting on u , omg u reminded me of the same incident that happened to me with a sales lady who was hitting on me while i was shopping .. seriously what the hell is wrong with them ?

don't they know that they should never bother their customers ??

hmm , abt my weekend it was good, specially on Thursday : ) .. but i've been missing some one SO dearly : (
Grey said…
Cool weekend !

LMAO on Gay boy ! i got kissed once ... so don't feel bad ... its just a touch ... hahahahaha !
mo3ath said…
ليش انت ماتدري ان كل ويك اند يصير جذي ؟ لووووول

انا تعودت لما اطلع الحداق امشي محترم لأني اشوفهم صافطين ، وعلى فكره روح اي يوم عادي ماتلقى قطو :p

سالفه الرادار والشرطي نكته لووووول وعلى فكره ترى راح ينسحب ليسنه لما ايي يدفع المخالفه لأنها 50 فوق المعدل وماراح يقدر يدفعها بالنت لأنها مقفوله :)

قول حق صاحبك يبيع ؟ عليها اغراض ؟ :p
Anonymous said…
OMG grey , u got kissed ?? :p looool
Big Pearls said…
cool weekend..mine was boring:/
Ansam said…
I had a busy weekend too! It ended up with some family health issues lil asaf... but inshalla its all kheira and will be better soon!
Fa6ma said…
We're straight but it's not all that we talk about? Why some gay people have nothing to do but flirt and talk about sex?!
aham shay :S
im glad you had a nice weekend!
mu5alafaty this year ebtyee mallyoon :(

my weekend was busy busy busy :(
Navy Girl said…
dudeeeeeeeeeeee i miss speeding up with my caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar !!! it was EXTRA FUN :D

i was having a horrible weekend :D
shoosha said…
speeding is dangerous tara ;p
Vixen said…
heheh shakla their radar '7arban !

270 moo wayed ? :/

gays guys touching customers! thats nasty lol .. unless he felt a vibe from you : P
J o u j a™ said…
the weekend was amazing .. its the rest of the week that i am hating =/ hefff
kella met2a5er said…
Dude, did say you respect gays, LoooooooooooooooooooL....hehehe, yeah right! xD

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