Picture Speaks Few Words

Whatever this picture tells you but this is how I am feeling since the start of this month...


Anonymous said…
umm .. it shows how tired and under pressure u are ..
stressed and exhausted with no enough time : /

may god be with u :)
mo3ath said…
too much work

no time to do it all

يعطيك العافية وقواك الله :)
Grey said…
You feel haunted ?
navyoo said…
halloween ?? ;P
Ansam said…
1000 words!! not few :-P
and this pic says
You have a lot on your mind.
So much to do, so little time.
You are tired and anticipating!
You are worried and praying it works.

You know i can go on and on LOL
:::ShoSho::: said…
i don't know why i remembered when the kids were flying close to Big Ben in Peter Pan!

but it looks like you are worried..
PaLoMiNo said…
chena il mwthoo3 feeh yenanwa ;X
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
mmmm youm el 8eyama @@
A Journal Entry said…
it shows me "sahar"
it seems like u stay awake til late hours in the night and something occupying ur mind..
Technogal said…
I can see that you are worried! or fearing something? am I right? if yes what make you feel this way?
Squirreliya said…
7assaita yoom elqiyama ;x
MeeMzZ said…
wait wait...lil sis says that this explains that your tierd and the clock explains out of time you don't have time for blogging and the boy pressure stress!! and the house work and haunted i guess!!;p don't worry u'll get used to it!!;p
Aurous said…
time is not your best friend these days :)
Anonymous said…
hmmm... I see some stress.. lack of time or time is running out.. also its a bit dark gives a haunted sort of vibe..
good luck with whatever it is you're doing!
sweetd said…
Reminds me of that old horror movie where the grandfather clock keeps rewinding the same day :P 1001 nights or dreams something like that :P creepy creepy...(ya3ny emphasis)
why are you out of time? :(
Fa6ma said…
Tired.. and home sick. =D Maybe you're living at home but that is what I felt!!..
Bless you!
Missy said…
it has to do with time o el bait el maskooon!!!! LOL
Balqees said…

yla akeed in the end somthing great will come out of kl t3abk :)

allah y36eek al3fyah :)
Anonymous said…
Whatever it is, if you cant find the words to express it but rather a photo then Allah y3een.. Remember, its just a phase and it too shall pass :)
Anonymous said…
Navy Girl said…
ummm halloweeen ?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: well I am and was!

mo3ath: y3afek..

Anonymous: me tired ;/

Grey: LOL not really :D

Ansam: I wanted to write 1000 words but then I was like I am too lost so lets make it few :D and ya i am too lost so planning to go on a vacation..

:::ShoSho::: lol but that wasnt scarry ;p

PaLoMiNo: I am tired...

♥ P-Ella ♥ : NO

A Journal Entry: yes work and stress...

Technogal: too much work!

Squirreliya: nooo

MeeMzZ: awww lil sis is sooo true :D

Aurous: well too much work and no time!

purelyorchid: thanks for the luck!

sweetd: hehe is it that scary :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: too much work and stress!

Fa6ma: NO i am never home sick ;p

Missy: it has to do with a lot of things ;/

Balqees: Y3afech sweety...

Batoul A.: it will pass soon..

Big Pearls: not really :)

theadrenalinefix.com : lol yeah

Navy Girl: I wish :D

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