Ants in the Desert

This ant leaves home today morning at 7AM to pick up a news editor. Gets out of the house to find insane cockroaches(Bus), Spiders(SUV) and ants(sedans) on the road. In patience he looks at other impatient friends at the rood but is still in a good mood. The sun roof open, breathing the fresh air and thinking this is a pollution free world while listening to BBC world which is one of his favorite radio station. 15 minutes at the first intersection and 30 minutes to cross 10KM's drives him crazy. He still is smiling and looking at the positive side of the day till one cockroach cuts him off. That was it!!! This ant becomes a fast and freak like others on the road. He starts the swearing session with the cockroach then moves in and out of the the parking of burger king..crossing all the others...then crossing all the others by taking the inner road from Hard Rock cafe to Shaab till all of a sudden he looks on his left lane to see he is side by side the same ant with he started moving with at the start of his trip. Now that was hard work for no reason. He starts hating every ant on the road. The old ants (married females) are too slow and deep in the thoughts of the hard time their partner is giving them at home. The old ants (married males) are starring at young ants(females) and young ants (males) are going insane chaising any ant on the road. The old ants (married females) are pain in neck as they are too slow. I flash at one I flash at the other and the third one shows me a finger. With shock I ignore this ant and think she is crazy and go on with my worse road trip till I reach my destination of 30 KM's in 1 hour and 30 mins..This ant is @@##$$ and not liking this this this traffic any more...This ant will take the same route tomorrow but on EDGE.


Anonymous said…
why insects ??

but i like the way u wrote it , it was fun reading it ..

and yes, i do feel u with those ultra slow ppl on read specially the ones who drives too slow on the fastest lane and never moves no matter how much u flash them :@
MeeMzZ said…
LOOOOOL COOL POST!! i like that it's ants and insects!! not other stupid stuff!!;p hehe
MeeMzZ said…
LOOOL...i'm the second!!;p THAT'S COOOL!!;p
Anonymous said…
oops typo :P

read = road
izzy™ said…
u do realize ur a LITTLE crazy right :P?
♥ P-Ella ♥ said…
hahaha hey ant:P
ok do most married men stare at young females @@? shkly mr7 atzwaj:P la shako:/
Anonymous said…
looool im laughin my head off at an image of an ant on a motorbike, revvin the engine with its little hands. ahahahaha

amu..what dyu call an ant thats more than 100years old??

Wait for itttt


S E 7 E N said…
wahahhahahahaha nice one mate
elpost 3ajeeeeeeeb!
and i agree, edge will probably make things much more convinient! ;)
Navy Girl said…
wow they look awesome !
Anonymous said…
ma fahamt shay!!
qimt etraby namil or having insects race.. MAN that is cool to have insects fighting or have a speed race between insects!!
Big Pearls said…
ooooh I have seen those ants..shawagteni abi aro7 il emirates towers:p
mo3ath said…
لووووول عندي وعندك خير

بس طريقه الموضوغ حلوه :D

والله زين تسوي ماكو إلا جذي ، عاد حيلك بمناظرهم شلعها كلها :p

المشكله إذا باص حذفك عليك شنو راح تسوي حزتها ؟ :D
Ansam said…
you are invited to FIVE60 opening and brand launch! check my blog for details :-D

and why did you make your post insect related! I dont like insect :-S O ant on edge?? LOL
Anonymous said…
I'm one of the pain-in-the-neck ants! My pet peeve, other than the testosterone-drivers who left their brains behind, are those moron bus drivers! I was all for public transportation, now they have these big new buses and the drivers don't like women, don't like us passing them, and cut into traffic with no signal, so glance at the rear view mirror! Aaarrgh!
Grey said…
lmao ! yey ! ants .. i have so much trouble in the morning to reach Al Rai .. its insane.

Awesome writeup.
Rajesh said…
i saw them opp to DIFC during my visit last week and was wondering how ants can be aesthetic. But they looked good.

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