WARNING : A new blogger is just born

I just got an e-mail from blogsphere mother that a new blogger has just come into this world. I just wanted to warn you people out there that beware of this new blogger. She claims to be my sister and can be your's too for free *thinking* :s. I am sure she's not mine because I am the only son of 2 fathers and 1 mother. Now thats confusing I know but just wanted to warn you people out there.
Note: Enter at your own risk Sis 4 you


loooool....why would someone do that....hmmm interesting....lets see what happens next...
Ms Loala said…
He come on, it's not that bad :P

Welcome amus sister ;)
Anonymous said…
aahem..aahem...did someone mention me??

Wiiieeee..I am already getting popular!!!
sis said…
thanks ms loala:)
Anonymous said…
Awww... That is so cute!!! =D

Welcome sis... *warm hug*
Meticulousness said…
Advertisement of the year lol

Welcome on board sister *smiles*
Chroma-Trauma said…
Isn't that the cutest thing .. She actually called it .. Sis 4 u .. to her only brother (If you were, her only brother ^_^) ... She's inspired by her big pro ..
palo-girl said…
now that is interesting.
u claim she's not ur sister then?
maybe it was some intelligent trick to get welcomed into the blogosphere.
see her first post she got 6 comments, so its obviously worked :p
Anonymous said…
sugar: I am waiting to see what happens next too :p

ms_loala: I hope its not, or I have to do something to hack it,hehe

sis: Did I? OPS! my mistake :D Welcome to the Blogsphere

cece: ahem ahem....

meticulousness: cheers! Welcome to my blog :)

chroma-trauma: you sure that is for me *thinking* its for all the others who visit her blog :p

palo-girl: Well the truth is I wanted to welcome her here :) and ya FEMALES bloggers always get more comments :)
Sis 4 you said…
Thank u cece, chroma trauma, palo girl and meticulousness, for a warm welcome.

U know Palo girl, it's not really 6 comments onmy first post, if u click it u shall see...it's me n bro arguing...heheheh

cece: *hug u back*

chorma trauma: isn't it?..but not as cute as my bro;)
Navy Girl said…
you are mean :P

hey amu sis ;* welcome around :P
Dynamic Deeds said…
WEEEELCOME SIS, glad you've joined. I will be readihng your blog soon =D

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