A letter to blogsphere angels

Dear Bloggers,

I know I haven't been posting lately as much as I was in the beginning but I am really busy at work these days. And I doubt will get a break for another 6 months. I am drained, I miss blogging and I miss you all too. It's really nice to come online every morning and get a message with all these lovely comments from you all. But I guess there comes a time when life takes a turn and I guess I am going through that phrase.
I leave from my house at 8am every day and I am not back till 10pm or 11pm. To be honest I do enjoy it because I love keeping my self busy as I am not too much into social life. It's hectic at the same time but its good. At night when I am back I just have 2 things to do shower and sleep. And with the projects in hand I doubt I will be able to go with my travel plans to London, so I have left it for a while if it comes on the way I will take it, If it doesn't I am still ok because if I don't travel I will be saving some extra cash for a better one :-).
What else? ? ?
I watched Ratatouille and just would say without going into details don't miss it. I really enjoyed it.
Days are passing by so quickly that I feel I am racing on a track. I close by eyes and there comes another day and like I always say at work 'It's same bullshit with a different day'.
I can't dive any more :( been diagnosed with diabetes. Yes Yes Yes!!!I know I am young and its not my age but thats what the Dr. told me. I am still going through the routine check up before they can finally declare it that I have it or is it something else. So far the results have been ok but the symptoms say that I have it :s and I don't trust our doctors here. They will kill a patient even if he/she is ok. I need to take care of my meals and have them on time. Need to keep a candy and a water bottle in my car. In other words I get to eat more choclates :D which is the reason I am not that sad.
I will leave now as got few things to finish before I head with the rest of the day.. .. My future posts will be much shorter than this one and I will try to post atleast twice a week. I need lods of prayers, love and support.
See ya soon..


chikapappi said…
It's my first time here o first thing I read about is you getting sick :( Am so sorry to hear that & enshallah everything will be ok - just keep up the good spirit..

I have come to the point that I don't care about work anymore, it's not doing me any good - think you should too :)
Fonzy said…
Hope u get better soon. Welcome back. And as for ur work, I too am going thru the same thing now and as chikapappi said, nothing is worth ur health so take it easy and get someone or people to help u out. best of luck!
nunu said…
salamat, ma tshof shr :)
eshda3wa said…
heey amu!
inshallah malik ela el3afya!

and ur vacation time will come around
aham shay u health!
u better take good care of urself!!
Anonymous said…
I hope things get better for you, really sorry to hear that.

But hey at least its keeping you on the right track.

And good luck with the job, no one seems to be content with there's either.
Pearls said…
salamat inshala mafeek ila il 5air :( oo diabetes usually are genetic ya3ni if ur parents have it u could get get regardless ur age.. bas i really hope its a false alarm ;)
bb q8 said…
amu, sorry to hear about that mate! just take care and watch your diet! good health...
Canc3riaN said…
Salamaaaaaat amu... inshalla all your coming up posts would be filled with amazing news and happiess and excitement and etc... the list goes on ;)

and about the prayers and love ad support..... You got it all brother. :) We're here for you

Matshoof shar.. and rest a bit... but keep us updated haaaa ;)
Dynamic Deeds said…
awww! I hope it is not what u think and the doctors think it is !

Try to post as much as u can, when u get el time.
8 am to 10 pm! That's alot =S
May allah give you the strength!
Ms Loala said…
Hope eveything works out well for you ...

Take care of yourself and come back soon :)
Navy Girl said…
dear amu :P

i really love reading your posts .. we came to this part of world almost together :P sooo you better stick with me :P

about your work wow .. mashala .. i'd love to work like that .. i hate it when i have noting to do .. i feel soo useless !!

i'm sorry to hear that :( most of my family ( my father's side ) got diabetes .. just be careful okay .. i hope you feel better soon :*

you keep posting okay .. :D
Anonymous said…
chikapappi: I hope everything just dissapears :) thanks for all the prayers and ya I love working it keeps me moving.

btw thanks for visiting :)

fonzy: thanks for the luck mate and keep visiting.

nunu: Yesalmch..I am sorry I know you are upset as I didn't tell you before I posted it here but it's not just you, I didn't even tell my family till now.

eshda3wa: I will take all the care I can,thanks :)

blue dress: I hope for the same too, thanks for the luck, I really need that :)

pearls: yesalmch..mmm yes it runs in my family :( I hope for the same too.

bb q8: I will take all the care but cant live without sweets :P

canc3rian: yesalmech...o enshallah they are all filled up with good news for all of us...You will be always updated...I am not going away :)

dynamic deeds: I hope too :) thanks for the prayers..

ms loala: sure I will thanks

navy girl: ahem ahem I know you love visiting and reading my post, infact you are the first one to comment here from the first day :) I really enjoy reading your comments and posts too, so keep it going..

Don't work too much or you will be tired by the time if one day you have to use your license :P hehe

thanks for prayers and I will be posting as much as I can :D
Intlxpatr said…
Diabetes keeps a person from diving? Why is that? And can your diabetes be controlled by diet alone or are you also on insulin?

Best wishes, bro.
Anonymous said…
intlxpatr: Well it does cuz I have low sugar in my body and my mouth often dries up, while diving you take in oxygen from the tank which often dries up your mouth and its not good. I dont need to diet, I need to have a candy or chocolate in pocket at all times to keep my sugar level normal incase it goes low.

But still I am under observation, nothing yet confirmed :)
palo-girl said…
1. Ya36eek il3afyeh
2. salamat! w Allah yishfeek inshallah. ull be in our prayers inshallah

:) more chocolates is always good!
see? bright side to everything :)
Navy Girl said…
dont worry about me i'm SUPERGIRL ;P i'll walk around you in case something happened to you ;P

always be here for you ;*

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