My trip to the land of mountains

First of all sorry this post was meant to come much earliar but as I was not feeling well every thing got delayed. I hate writting long stories about each and every place so it will be one post with a few pics and a short story :)

How is the country? For travellers intending to travel there I would suggest if I got a 7 star service you need a 10 star when you go there. The country is beautiful, their culture is amazing but the people are not good which really makes me sick.

Fatima Jinnah Park:

The park is spread across a very big area. I didn't even get chance to walk from one corner to the other.
The white mosque you can see at the back of this pic is Faisal Mosque, one of the famous mosques in the capital.

This is the only monument that stands in the big park there. Note : This park is very scary at night as I saw a few pigs, cows and dogs there *ewwww* btw there is no zoo for animals there as they are free to go whichever place they want to.So don't be surpriced if you see them outside the airport welcoming you :D

Wood Factory:

This is the factory I visited with my dad. It's really interesting to see how they cut the wood. What I was surprised to see that apart from the wood cutting machine they have no other equipments to lift that tons of heavy wood and keep it on the table before cutting it.

Wood Cutting Machine

If you notice in this picture the worker is cutting the wood without wearing any safety equipment. There are no working rules or regulations in the country I guess or even if there are no one is ready to abide them.

This is a tractor which is supposed to be used in the farms but apparently they use it there even for carry goods behind it.

Pakistan Monument:

This is a very beautiful place with extremely beautiful engraving in the walls. This place is on the mountains and you can see the whole city for there. The view was insane. If you note it properly this monument says ALLAH in arabic.

The 3 words of the founder of Pakistan for his people 'Unity', 'Faith' and 'Discipline'.Engraving in the walls. The picture shows the Founder of the country, his sis and his tomb where he is burried.

I don't know what exactly is shown in this picture but on the top left corner is the Faisal Mosque.

The man in this picture is the late famous poet of Pakistan.

As I am sure you are bored by now so I got a few nice picture to share now.

Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban:

Presenting................ Spiderwomen of Pakistan :D

This picture was taken in PC Bhurban, a 7 star hotel on the mountains where the clouds are below you. I couldn't stop cracking even while taking the picture in one of the shops there.

This was funny sign board in the hotel so thought to take a picture and share. I have broken one of their rules :D

This picture is stolen by me from the frame in the staircase of the hotel and was warned then to close my camera,hehe

After this day I was too sick to even hold the camera so I guess its The End.


The Criticizer said…
Looks amazing. Have fun.
Anonymous said…
Very interesting. I enjoyed reading this post. Funny how they break the rules but still insist on making 'em.

Matshof shar!
Navy Girl said…
i'm glad you had fun :)
bb q8 said…
excellent post! good pics.. too bad you couldn't take more!
Anonymous said…
the criticizer: thanks

cece: Don't remind me again :)

navy girl: cheers!

bb_q8: thanks mate :)
Chroma-Trauma said…
.. Masha-allah .. The wood Factory ,, I loved it .. Animals welcome me in Airport; Did you have to say that? >_< I will pass then ,, I'm afraid of animals >_<.. Unilt they build a zoo, Don't expect me visiting Pakistan ..
Glad to you had fun and you captured amazing pictures. (Thumbs up)
Anonymous said…
chroma-trauma: I would say never visit it *secret* :p
Dynamic Deeds said…
I've beeeeen waiting for THIS UPDATE =P I guess I'm late to read!

Interesting images.
Totally different experience from what I'm seeing. Nice, glad you had fun.


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