Well I don't know where to start and where to end. But since I came back from my vacation, I just wasn't feeling well. Fever, cough, breathing issues and extremely exhausted. I guess that country, the people and the weather nothing suited me. It was to this extent that I even cancelled my future travelling plans. I have never been through such a stage in my life when I hated everything coming my way. I have been off and on with work too and I really need to get back on my desk and start working. All I need is luck :)

Thanks to all the care I got from my friends here and I am sorry if I missed anyone in replying to their comments which I didn't mean to :)

I am surely gonna get back with lods of posts as there is too much to talk about.


Sis said…
Welcome back bro...*thumbs up*
Canc3riaN said…
WELCOME BACK!!! And inshalla you'll get back to work with lots and lots and lots of enthusiasm and will do just great!

Best of luck
Navy Girl said…
WELCOME !!! about time !!! we missed you :)
Anonymous said…
sis: thanks!

canc3rian: thanks a ton :)

navy girl:Ops! its good I didn't miss the train. I missed you all too.
bb q8 said…
stranger! hope you're feeling much better! what was/is wrong with you? would like to see the pics of your trip!
Anonymous said…
bb_q8: yeah I am feeling better now. I will put the pics in my next post :)

Honestly, I guess a change in weather that effected my health badly.
Chroma-Trauma said…
El-Himdilla 3ala El-Salama..
Finally.. we can say welcome back to your second home.. I hope you took loads of pictures and you encountered funny things..
Anonymous said…
chroma-trauma: ysalmech, laish second home? :)

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