Final Update on my NBK Deposit

I received the below mentioned comment on my yesterdays post at 9:30AM today morning:

"Good day,
I was very concerned to read about your NBK ATM Depositing Machine claim dated 3rd & 9th of Aug 2009.
I totally agree with you that 1 week is not an acceptable time frame to respond & resolve a CDM claim & this is neither NBK standards nor the promise of good service to our customers.
Thank you for your patience and please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.
I need more info from your side but for privacy reasons I cannot ask you to send details via email so please contact me on 225xxxxx
Sincere Regards
NBK-Customer Care Management"

I quickly picked up the phone and dialed the number. To my surprise I was heard by a very nice gentleman Mr. W H from NBK. I explained him the issue and he promised to give me a call before 1:00pm today with an update.

At 11:45AM I received a call again that my money will be deposited today in my account. 9 minutes later I receive a msg on my phone and the money is there.

Thank You Mr. W H. I really appreciate your support on this issue. Thank You NBK as I am a happy customer now :)

Blogsphere Rocks!!!


Technogal said…
WooooW Progress:)
good to hear that bro!
Anonymous said…
TG: thanks :)
Azure said…
YAAAAAAAY!!! im so happy for u AMU!!

remember flous il7laaal mat'6eee3
A Journal Entry said…
ashwaaa il 7imdillaah!
7mdllaa ^_^ that's magic:P
Anonymous said…
Wooo HOOOO, Amu! all those brush-offs when you tried the official route, and the blog-route works! Wooo HOOO!
Anonymous said…
What if someone in a similar situation did not have a blog? Would NBK have reacted the same way?

"a bank that you know and trust"... not really, I do feel that the bank treats his customers as a bunch of thieves.
Ansam said…
Zain 3al baraka... its good to be happy again hehehe

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