Driving Rules Before Fatoor

Driving in Ramadhan especially before Fa6oor is like sitting on a roller coaster. If a road is of 3 lanes, you will see cars in all the 3 lanes either going really slow or extremely fast. And there has to be one in 5 cars who is going cross ways. Most of them are young guys who remember at the last minute that they have to head back home for fa6oor and are one of the biggest cause of accidents.

Yesterday I went for fatoor at my sisters place. The distance was roughly 15 kms which on normal days one can do in 10 - 15 mins but I did it in 30 mins. I gave my self enough time to avoid the craziness. I think everyone should follow this while driving before fatoor.

1) Give your self enough time so you are not in a rush after you leave.

2) If on a normal day the same distance you would cover in 30 mins you should give it now 45 mins to an hour.

3) If you are planning to drive slow stay in the middle or slowest lane so the fast drivers get a chance to cross.

4) Stay away from lady drivers who are wearing neqab (with all due respect to them). The reason is they avoid to have an eye contact with anyone on the road so they dont bother to look left or right while changing lanes.

5) Its always good to arrive early as you get the best spot to sit and smell some tasty food before fa6oor ;p

bon appétit....


Anonymous said…
Man! its not just fatoor, people are crazy the whole day.. I'm lucky to be alive this morning .. will blog about it
A Journal Entry said…
those few minutes before fo6iir are really scary!
Anonymous said…
yeah i completely agree ..

this time should be avoided !

but also as Grey (sun2) said ppl in kuwait are crazy all the time !

stay safe n buckle up ;)
eleventh.st said…
Its crazy how people drive in normal days, imagine how they would on days they are grumpy and hungry!

I just try to avoid all the roads before fatoor as much as possible!
Anonymous said…
Its a battle to get home in one piece on some days. Drive safe :)
wow thanks for sharing some rules hehehe
Candy said…
lovely post,..
ba3dain how come (mona8abat are allowed to wear ne8ab while they are driving,here its not allowed)!!
Maryam said…
Hehehe for some reason I don't drive much in Ramadan, I like to have someone drive me around .. Lazy I know :p
Azure said…
avoid driving 7azat gabl elfo6our ib ne9 sa3a if u wanna live

mbarak 3alayak ashahar :)
Glowing Aura said…
mn beda rm'6an o ana mndafna fl bait ...so no contact with the crazyiness thats going on fl roads! el7emdella chan fa6arooni walla ! i hate slow drivers, they got on my nerves !! fast drivers - a7bkum washkr fankum bas etb6oon chabdee sometimes though!

4th point - LOL
5TH point - SO true ! etha yait mt2a5r the good stuff is gone, o every1 is busy diggin into thier plates...ma7ad y'3rflk shey !! bal mub yoo3 :P
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