Wataniya or Viva??

I am seriously thinking to join the BlackBerry community. I already have a wataniya line which I can use for the service but the viva offer for KD44/month is tempting. After doing some research and asking friends I found out that the bill usually comes more even if you are paying KD15 or KD25 per month so its better to go for an unlimited plan. But I am looking for a service provider that is offering the best service right now.

What do you suggest? Should I go for Wataniya or Viva?


Anonymous said…
i say viva ..
just because i hate wataniya :P
yet im a zain user ;P
The Stallion said…
Keep in mind that the 44KD is just for the BBerry service and you still have to pay for the phone calls! For example Im with Zain :

BBerry Service : 26
Lana Service : 17
TOTAL : 43

My monthly bill usually is no more than 45 a month.
Anonymous said…
VIVA including ur calls but from viva to viva bs
i say zain

Amethyst said…
I'm with Zain, and I don't care which provider you go for.. But get the BlackBerry!;p
Amethyst said…
Wait, why don't you consider Zain?

I'm doing 14kd for the service, 9kd Weyana. That's 23kd. My bill comes up to around 30kd.

Plus, Zain have nice offers:)
Anonymous said…
blackberry community????

you do not mean the blackberry haba?
Ms Loala said…
After all this hype about it. I'm sooo not even thinking of buying it! Kel men hab oo dab sharah! Makes it lose its glamour.
A Journal Entry said…
i'm using Zain.. bs between wataniya o viva oo min illi garaitah bil 2 offers i'd rather go with wataniya..
Some Kuwaitiya said…
I think you should go for Wataniya, because Viva's service by9eer 3alaiha tha'36 so maybe ma ra7 etkoon the best !

& Ms Loala I sooo agree with ya !
Anonymous said…
i'd say that u should go with wataniya ;p
Technogal said…
VIVA? no
Wataniya? I don't think so.
GO for Zain :) though I am not into the BB! why? I didn't really like it!
i heard that from viva to viva is fee calls until now, if you contact with services and give the numbers of people who has viva to get free calls but wataniya i duno about it, i have zain and im fine with it!
Missy said…
why not zain? :P

wala adri shelsalfa lol
Mu.Sij said…
go with viva they have 3 packages o i thinkthe best is the one with unlimited internet use o viva to viva calls o roaming kila ib 44 kd
Anonymous said…
Guys everyone has a use
Pick what's suits ur style and need
Bb is for business month pleasure!!

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