New Swine Flu Looney Tunes Logo

Got this as a forward email and thought of sharing!


Anonymous said…
loooool that looks funny ;P

oh n 2 posts in a day :D
wow its been a while since u've done that !
zuz said…
looooool sena 3la mastaw3abt;p bs that cracked me up!
no matter what , I still adore pigsies :(:(:(
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: :)

zuz: it cracked me up too ;p

Another Penelope: awww :)) cheer up!
His Sweetheart said…
Got it today lol

Charmbracelet said…
loooool! Funny=p

why is everyone freaking out about the swine flu...?! mani fahma...
Anonymous said…
His Sweetheart: glad it made u smile :)

Charmbracelet: :)

Project Kenya 2011: I think people are more scared than taking precautions :) there is just too much hype about it :D if i get a free ticket now I don't mind going to Vegas ;p

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