Jet Ski

Summer and Jet Ski that is one thing I dont want to miss every summer. In this boiling temperature there is one place to relax that is sea. Just by driving in the afternoon by the gulf road and looking at the sea water makes me feel like jumping in the same time. But I guess the result would be like the picture which I really dont want to happen.
I wish we had more to do here in summer. Maybe a nice water park or a better version of Aqua Park and Messela. We need some outdoor activities rather than sitting at the cafes and restaurants and just munching foad.
Share your summer activities if you are not travelling this year?


Anonymous said…
I'm only traveling for two weeks, and then I have all summer to do basically nothing !
I wanna read more, enroll into some intense Yoga sessions (an advice to you all, DO IT!), swim, and that's it basically !
Anonymous said…
Changeswithinme: I have heard alot about Yoga. Even though the name sounds weird to me I am sure its much better in practical ;p
Sunset said…
Hahaha, the picture is hillaroius LOOOOOL. Yes, I really suggest you don't jump while driving in the same time Haha!
Anonymous said…
hmmm reading, going to gym, shalaih for jetskiing, swimming, riding, riding n more ridig ;P

n even if i got the chance to travel there would be riding ba3ad hehe
LOL nice picture and about needing more outdoor activities i totally agree!

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