V Day

Walking around different malls and seeing all those shops decorated in red gives me a beautiful feeling. I have always loved this day. Valentines day comes once a year and its a day where one of us may be expressing their love towards other by either asking them out or giving them a gift that will always be remembered. Some of us might even call it 7aram. I personally think its not. Its just a day like any other important day but instead of celebrating a national day or some other remembrance day we are celebrating it to mark the love two hearts have for each other. It might be for a father, mother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

So here are my shout outs for that special day that is coming in 3 days:

Mom and Dad: I Love you!!!!

Sisters: I wish you all the best :) and rem your brother is always there!

Friends: Thanks for being there I owe you all and love you truly...

MeshMesh: * Empty Message * thanks for being there 7abibty

In return I am expecting nothing but same love and care like always and everyday.

What about you? How do you plan to spend this day? Share your plans...

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S E 7 E N said…
why do we have to say I LOVE U to the special person one day ..... why not every day ....

and i hate V day ... cause ppl go over board with it china sij 3ad

dude if you love some1 the its V-day 365 days a year mo 1 day
Anonymous said…
SE7EN: I agree on what you said but its just one of the day out of the 365 days when you do something special than the usual 364 days!
Neoark said…
you haven't seen my post about truth about valentine? >.>;

you'll find it in my personal blog ;p
Aurous said…
I don't feel this day is any different than the rest of the year.. I really don't care about valentine's day :)
Not because it's 7aram or anything, but because I feel it's a commercial holiday..
Why should you love the people you love one day only?!
yea...i have a plan for vday...ill let you know when the day comes ;)
Fashionista said…
no plans
i don't make a fuss of it

but i find it a chance to tell the people i love - mainly my family - that i love them
angel face said…
ambeee i love it tooooooo!! XD wallah i love love !! lol and 9a7 i think it can be anyone ! ur mom , dad or friends thats why am gona celebrate v-day with my best friend we're gona go out and have fun ! and oh yeah my OTHER best cousin and friend in the whole world 47 ! ;* we promised each other we're goin to buy chocolates for each other and eat them happily ! hehe
Anonymous said…
Wooohoooo I'm waiting for the day to come *Zara looking at her calender* Well I already bought a gift and wrote a card for Fahd. As for that day, we plan to go for nice meal and movie and walk around enjoying our time. Have fun Amu, I love you *As a friend LOL*
libero anima said…
hmmmm .. i never celebrated it cuz i don't beleive in love .. it's easier to spread hate ..
=p loool im jk ..

hmmm .. i might spend it having a movie marathon with my friends at the movies ..
On-The-Rocks said…
im gonna spend half of it sleeping, and the other half going out with my friend, maybe buying a gift to my friend (A)
Almost Twilight said…
im gonna spend it just like any day in my life
Technogal said…
I'll be having my midterm exam on the V's Day :/
however, If you are in love with someone the entire year would be a "valentine days" :) instead of one specific date/day.
but you are right even some websites they have a special logo,and template for this occasion, really beautiful!
Lulwa said…
it's gonna be pretty much like any other V days in my life :P
just relaxing and watching T.V

I wish u a happy V days with ur loved ones :)
Anonymous said…
Wooo HOOOOO! My sweetie knows just what I love, he is whisking me away for the weekend to Doha, to visit the new museum of Islamic Art! See old friends, eat in new restaurants, have a little glass of red wine, walk in the restored old souks - just a short, cheap flight away!
Zabo0o6a said…
Well, I have a ritual whereas I spend most of the day with "May" my friend.
Just being friends doesn't mean we can't enjoy such occasion ;)

What about ur planz?
btw who's Meshmesh :P
TOUCHE' said…
I second Aurous, it feels a little bit commercial. Celebrate your anniversary and that shall be your own valentine which makes it much more superior.

Though i don't see any harm in celebrating it. I wish you a happy one.

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