The Questions

Remember my post Coffee with Amu and Sue Me Now. Well I decided to give you all another post to know me more and answer all those questions that go around your freaky mind every now and then after reading my posts. So start asking and I will answer them in my next post.

- I'll try to answer more or less all your questions unless you ask me something DUMB!
- You get to ask me one question and one question ONLY .. unless you come back again as Anonymous which is beyond my control and if you are like me who always breaks rules (Only on Blogs)!
- Don't comment if you don't have a question, so try to think of ONE.

Ps: thanks to Ruby Woo for giving me the idea again to write this post.


Aurous said…
How did you get into the blogging world?
On-The-Rocks said…
Aurous he alreadya answered this question in the posts mentioned, when he was hurt from his ex, his friend nunu introduced him to blogging :)



when writing on people's blog, do you imagine how they look like?

whats the worst thing you really did in your life that made someone feel sad or angry and you felt guilty and regretted it?

are you planning to go to the rally of safat kuwait bloggers?
Aurous said…

but I mean.. Why blogging? What is it in the blogging world that attracted him? :D
libero anima said…
1) are you superficial ?
2) do you like ambitious women or stay at home moms ?
3) if someone gave you 10 million $ what would u do with it ? (give it to me maybe?)
angel face said…
okay.. OMG ! i love this question i always ask ' if you had 3 wishes what would they be ?' ;p
can u describe the rush you get when your on your bike?

and more iomportantly, can you convicince me to buy a bike and overcome my fear of getting on one? (even though i loved that feeling while i was screaming my ass off in the back)

Ruby Woo said…
if you win a date with a celebrity, who would it be with? And if you were given the choice to be a celebrity, who would u be?
Âme said…
You have been awarded The Butterfly Award.


~ Soul
Smarties said…
ma 3indii as2elaa.. a9lan a7is it is unfair 2 ask 1 or 2 questions.
bs its interesting, enna u're offering us this opportunity!
Aurous said…
you've been tagged :)
MashMosh said…
How does your dream girl look like ? =P
if your gonna die tomorrow what would you do? notice, ur time as a living human being is between 6:00 am- 12:00 am
Lulwa said…
if some1 gave u the chance 2 hurt somebody made u suffer in the past, would u take it ??


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