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Aurous: Why blogging? What is it in the blogging world that attracted you?

When I first started blogging I didnt feel I would last long. But as you get to know few bloggers and you start writing and the support you get from bloggers, you just dont want to leave this world. All this has its good and bad side depending on how you look at it. And yeah let me add this being a male blogger you get too much attention and who wants to leave that ;p

On The Rocks: When writing on people's blog, do you imagine how they look like? I used too imagine how a blogger might be looking but once you spend more time in the blogging world the feeling just faints away...

Whats the worst thing you really did in your life that made someone feel sad or angry and you felt guilty and regretted it? I broke a heart after my ex left. I did appolgise later but I guess then it was too late!

Are you planning to go to the rally of safat kuwait bloggers? When is that happening? I didnt hear anything about that so far ... If its for a good cause then sure I will be there :)

libero anima:

1) are you superficial ?
Not that I know but did you ever feel that from any of my posts?
2) do you like ambitious women or stay at home moms ?
I like ambitious women but if after marriage she decides to stay at home I dont mind!
3) if someone gave you 10 million $ what would u do with it ?
I would open a school for orphan, buy a small cottage house in europe somewhere and a MINI to match the atmosphere..keep the extra cash to spend my life and the rest will think about if I should give it to you or no ;p

angel face: If you had 3 wishes what would they be? To have a good wife and start a small family, to live a stress free life and a world tour!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: Can u describe the rush you get when you are on your bike? the feeling can not be described...It is like you are flying in the air!!!!! and I can't convience you to buy one you have to get over of that scarry feeling inside you by your self :)

Ruby Woo: If you win a date with a celebrity, who would it be with? And if you were given the choice to be a celebrity, who would u be? Never thought about it and never wanted to be one!

MashMosh: How does your dream girl look like ? a simple and sweet girl :)

Oranjina fadidra: If your gonna die tomorrow what would you do? I would be planning on how to spend my days in my grave!

Lulwa: If some1 gave u the chance 2 hurt somebody who made u suffer in the past, would u take it ?? No, I don't take revenge!


Nemo said…
i like the answers :)
Anonymous said…
Wow Amu, I like all your answers.
Technogal said…
Me too liked your answers!
MiYaFuSHi said…
Interesting post!

Make u think
MashMosh said…
haha arnt you a simple man ??!! =P
thnx for answering!!
hello Amu :)

What caught me attention with your answers is I would open a school for orphan...I have always thought about it really and I'am planning one until now and I'm keeping some money for it so it is very nice of you to share some millions for it!
Grey said…
oi !i forgot to ask question. How are you ? How is your health?
On-The-Rocks said…
the rally i think is this month, not really sure of the date, its in facebook
Anonymous said…
What is this? random people emailed you questions? loool... *lost* good stuff :)
Neoark said…
damn, am i too late to ask a question?
libero anima said…
no dude i didn't feel that u r superficial, but i was just wondering ;)..

and geemeeee the rest of that money or i'll shoot u ! =p

oh and thanx for answering my Q's =D
TOOTA said…
so you don't do revenge?!;p interesting..;)
TOOTA said…
ohhh and if i was given that amount of money i would would open a school for orphans too!!.. and hire the best to work there!!
Abbi said…
very interesting =)
Abbi said…
how about you work towards wish # 2 first ;)
Vixen said…
hope you get all your wishes : )

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