Photo Tag

I was Tagged By S E 7 E N and Lulwa.

The tag is a photo tag, and here are the rules:

- Find your fifth photo file folder and then the fifth photo in the file folder.
- Post the picture on your blog.
- Tag other five bloggers to do the same.

I tag: Zara, Ansam, Libero, Smarties, Technogal


Ansam said…
Not doing this tag :-P
..::Amu::.. said…
Ansam: well you can post one of your food pics :P
Technogal said…
"the fifth photo in the file folder"!!
he he he.. I don't have any pics in my file folder :)
Ms. D said…
omg ur karsha!!!!!!

*cant stop laughing*

ubo karshaaaaaaa
Ruby Woo said…
I don't get it, how many pics are you supposed to upload?
..::Amu::.. said…
Technogal: any of ur pics :P dont make excuses :D

Ms. D: No Karsha there sweatheart!

Ruby Woo: One pic :)
libero anima said…
where is that ? a grocery store ?

and thanx for the tag dude ;)
S E 7 E N said…
isn't that jam3iyat il jahara ????
nice pic * trying to look deeper* is that army pants?
Smarties said…
7bait al tag ;p
wanasaaa... al7in mara7 at5ayal shaklek.. 5ala9 3araft al shakel al 5arejy naw3an maa!
Lulwa said…
doing grocery :P

cool pic :)
Ms. D said…
wallahi el3atheeeem ur HUGE! ur karsha is hugeeee!!

Zara said…
I got tagged yay =P! Nice pic hun, what have you done to your face!!! LOL!
Batoul A. said…
LOL grocery shopping :D
Gone Bonkers. said…

9a7? omg i want their toffee popcorn!
On-The-Rocks said…
Amu,, i noticed you love caps, where was this, london?
..::Amu::.. said…
libero anima: yes it is :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: NO Sansbury...

S E 7 E N: Oh man you caught me :P now i wont be going there, hehe

Another-Penelope: thanks..yes they are :)

Smarties: hehe :)

Lulwa: was hungry while visiting a few places in london :P

Ms. D: I think you are talking abt ur self :P

Aurous: she is high on caffeine :P

Zara: hiding my face :P

Almost Twilight:)))

Batoul A.: hehe yeah :P

Gone Bonkers.: too late I am back :P you got it right that is Sansbury :D

On-The-Rocks: This was near The London Eye and yeah I do wear caps but not as much as I wore them in London :D
Neoark said…
i like the sign 'cash out' :P
Candy said…
a5eeeran :@
what's wrong with the damn comment box???
i clicked on the cbox & the window won't pop up @@!
it's awalys like that!
nice pic,...
so ur still in london,bas 5ala9 come back to kuwait :D
am sure u missed el khaleejee sunny 9a7rawee weather :D
TOOTA said…
grocery shopping..hehe
Ms. D said…
am secure enuff to refrain from having to answer to this question ;p
ZoN said…
Amu shino hal carsha!!
hit the gym man
Navy Girl said…
lol you look funny with that big dot at your face :P

by the way i'm BACK ! :P
Navy Girl said…
to the blog world i mean ;P
Almost Twilight said…
amu yallah 3ad we want a new update ;D


Shoush said…
Faj2a ishtahait a sandwich.
Ansam said…
chinna 6awwalt! where are you dude?

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