Wataniya's Gergai’an TVC...Loved it!!

Link: YouTube


OMG these two are from star academy right? GOD so irritating both of them especially Bashar. He's become so fat too.

Disappointment honestly. Didn't like the video. Sorry
Hi! Not sure what Gergai'an means but it was a cute video! I laughed! This is so great for me as I am learning Arabic through you! Thank you! But, could you please explain?
No3iK said…
totally loved it too! laugh everytime its on ;)

btw hows life?? :P
..::Amu::.. said…
CFJ: yup they are..

No3ik: me too :D Everything is good el7emdella..how are u? long time..
Butterfly Chick said…

anaaa wayyyyeeed 7beetha el de3aya :P lol
Honey you've been tagged by me :D

..::Amu::.. said…
Butterfly Chick: same here..

CFJ: Ops..sorry for being lazy..I will check it and do it now :D

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