Small Dent

I have been having slight pain in my left foot for sometime now and it kept increasing but as always I didn't care about it much. Till yesterday I was forced to visit the dr. and this was the result. It's very small and if taken care should be good in less than 10 days.


Anonymous said…
Amu what happened to you leg? Take care! Now I started to get scared coz I feel my right foot quite numb :'( It's been a while, I hope nothing serious for me!
Blue Pearl said…
La ba'sa tahoorun inshallah, La ba'sa tahoorun inshallah

Feel better soon.
Majid Ali said…
Please help me for Christ sake
BintElOud said…
OMG I twisted my right ankle yesterday! This is so weird :P I hope u get better in time for 3eed ;)
Ouch!:( Salamat. Ajer o 3afya inshAllah
OOOOhh miskeen! Pobresito! I hope it heals fast and without any lasting dramas for you. Take care, you need that foot for that new baby coming and to drive!!! Salamat (don't know what that means...."kids, translate for Mamiiiii!!!!.....", but everyone says it when someone is hurt so there! ;-)
Butterfly Chick said…
Oh.. Salamat !
Sometimes we just think that this pain is nothing and it will sure go away, bas it leads to somethin we never imagined..
ajer oo 3afya inshalla.. Take care of urself and next time check the dr immediatly :)
samaher tariq said…
oh salamat wallah
matshoof shar

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