Shake Shack

Yesterday after fa6oor we decided to visit Avenues mall. While there it just came to my mind to try the newly opened Shake Shack. I was lucky that there was no line up and our order were with us in less than 5 mins. I ordered...

3 Shack Burger
2 Fries
2 Milk Shakes

The food tasted really good and their milkshakes is a must. Our bill came to KD 11/- which is a bit on the pricy side considering that their portion is small. Overall a good experience and a must visit place!!!


Finally a post! hehe

I want a burger :"(


The food is really good there but I hate having milkshake with it blekh -_-
samaher tariq said…
i wish we have it here
Lost b2amreeka. said…
Haven't tried it :O every one keeps telling me its good -.-
..::Amu::.. said…
CFJ: I tried the shake with the meal first time and loved it!!

Samaher: It might be coming soon or visit Kuwait ;) Allah ye3afich..

Lost b2amreeka: you should its yummy!!

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