Off To Dubai

I am off to Dubai for 20 hours tomorrow for a quick business trip. Fly Dubai has an excellent connection to and from Dubai.

This time for some reason I am not in a mood to work. I want to go out and enjoy going around the city while I am there. Lets see how much I do of both!!

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I don't know what you'll accomplish in 20 hours. Lol. Enjoy
Anonymous said…
A movie, a Rolex watch and maybe a nice lunch,lol!!
LOOOOOOOOOOOOL inshallah trooo7 wetrid bil salamaaaaaa!! enjoy every second of it!!!;D
Anonymous said…
Gold Medal Ribbon: Allah yesalmch :) I will thanks...Keep visiting!!
samaher tariq said…
lucky u mashallah
i wish we live closer to dubai
Butterfly Chick said…
20 hours?

shbetsawii fee hal 20 hours :P lol

enjoy and work hard :P
Journal Entries said…
hello hello! =)
hope ur trip was successful!
Anonymous said…
Butterfly Chick: yup ;) did alot and came back being tired ;p thanks...

JE: good to see u here should blog more and disappear trip was good el7emdella :)
Journal Entries said…
glad to hear that ;)
i knooow amu, bs blogging for me right now feels like a burden! i'm not closing my blog though, just waiting for the inspiration to come back =/
Anonymous said…
JE: I know I felt the same too when I got married..but then I said let me start blogging slowly and I guess I am trying to get back on track :D

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