I have been to FatBurger few times and I have to say its the best burger and a totally recommended place. I used to be a big fan of Jhonny Rockets before but since their burgers are slightly greasy and you dont really feel great after having them.

I usually order order a Double FatBurger and its yummyy *mouth watering* I am usually there around afternoon time which is the best time to be there as evening and weekends the place is packed!!! They are located in Mahboula on the coastal road.

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ur still blogging i see good to be back.
Anonymous said…
Recontrer Pauline: hehe ya trying to be back ;p thanks..good to see u here!!
Fat burger is the best. Not a fan of Johnny Rockets bleekh
Anonymous said…
Chick Flick: much much better :D I am feeling hungry again...

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