Off to Salalah

I am traveling to Salalah soon taking few days off from work and combining them with Eid vacation. I heard its one of the most relaxing cities in Middle East and has some great views. I really need a break and hopefully this should help.

I have a list of places to visit and a lot of driving in the mountains on the way. Will be posting pictures from there or once I am back.

Anyone traveling?


Candy said…
etroo7 o etred bel salamaaa, yaa i saw 9alalah in tv, waaayed green..

hv fun!

no, i'll stay here.
On-The-Rocks said…
i might travel im not sure, bas salalah i heard its good from my friends, egoloon hudooo2 which is good and relaxing. you'll recharge your battery there!
A Journal Entry said…
troo7 o trija3 bil salamah .. enjoy =)
Maryam said…
Troo7 w etrid bsalama !
Have fun ;)
trooo7 w tred eb slama ^_^ abee 9o'3a:P said…
Have a great trip! Towsal bilsalma!
Trixie said…
Salalah also has great surfing beaches.. Be sure to check them out! :)

Have a safe trip and enjoy! :)
Anonymous said…
Bon voyage! Have fun!
Elegant Chic said…
Bon voyage!
Have fun! :)
Anonymous said…
Candy: Allah yesalmch :)

On-The-Rocks: I need that recharge ;p

A Journal Entry: Allah yesalmch..

Maryam: Allah yesalmch..

Another-Penelope: Allah yesalmch... thanks!

Trixie: I heard that too..might go for a dive if i get a chance :D

C: thanks...

Elegant Chic: thanks!!
Hi, here is your post on Salalah! This picture is gorgeous! Did you take this?

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