Quirks Tag...

I've been tagged by Glitter and F to tell about 6 unspectacular quirks abt myself.

And the rules state that I have to tag 6 other bloggers by linking them and leaving a a comment on their blogs letting them know they've been tagged. Well I wont leave a comment as I dont have enough time for that now :D they have to visit me to find out them self. I make my own rules :PpP

So here goes:

1) I arrange money bills in my wallet, not just mn il akbar lil asghar, no, they HAVE to always be upright, serial number on top, all facing the same way. Can't have an upside-down dinar in my wallet. (copied from Glitter...well I am exactly the same)

2) I smile and talk to my self while having my shower or shaving.

3) I think a lot about my future to the extend that I will imagine things that would never happen.

4) I hate women who are too feminist

5) I can't live without KDD chocolate milk..no other milk can take its place...need atleast 2 a day :D

6) The first think I look for in a hotel when I travel is the toilet..if its not clean I will checkout!

Now I tag...

Kella Met2a5er


Amethyst said…
I do number 6!
NoNoWa said…
OOh I do number 3 all the time!!
But the money thing---never! I just shove it in my wallet- no biggie!
kella met2a5er said…
Will do soon inshallah =)

I love tags, hehe
Anonymous said…
we are not alike dude!!!

sorry i missed couple posts.. but i will comment on the previous in this post (i too make my rules :P)
now u have chosen a new woman, which means a new life.. so u have to forget everything reminds of the past, leave it back and start a new life with a new person, i.e. a new book. so i second the ppl who said move on and forget the past, the sad memories.. and u are not quitting blogging, u are allowed to delete the blog but u are forced to open new blog!! (this is the rule dude)

cheers :D
FourMe said…
I already have 2 lists up instead of one :p

I do # 1 and 6 as well.
Navy Girl said…
dudeeeeeeeeee i was gone a week what happened ?? :D
Ansam said…
I do the same with money.. (#1) but the thing is I rarely have cash with me which kinda suck here cuz many places in Kuwait will only accept cash! I was at a store in Courtyard a couple of days ago I wanted to buy two books and some magazines, they did not have KNET!!!
Grey said…
lol ! the bills thing is wierd !
BB said…
plz check the tagging tree >> http://8thofaugust.blogspot.com/2008/06/tagging-tree.html
PaLoMiNo said…
hehehehhehee number 6 nafseeee bel thab6 ;p aham shy il WC ;p

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