Foody Saturday

After having a much busy day sleeping on Friday. I had a busy day at my business today morning and then had lovely lunch at my sis place.

My younger sis 'Lighter' (I call her ligher as her nick) who is married cooks really good food. I usually enjoy everything she cooks. As I havent eaten some good food from my moms hand in sometime, today's lunch just hit me. The food tasted so good and I missed my mom that time. I wish I could post some pics but was really starving at that time and couldnt be bothered to do anything other than eating.

I am proud to say that I have 3 lovely sisters and I dont want to add any more to the list.


5roofa said…
heeeey me first :p

again lool

alah e5alekom lba3th yaa raab

o bel3afyaaaaaaaaaaa

ambi im still hungryy shed3waaa jan 3ezamtnaa :p

tara were good ;) wala lool

salaaaaaaaaamz ....
Amethyst said…
3alaik bel3afya:)

I have no sisters, and I certainly do not want to start a list;p
Ruby Woo said…
I just ate and i'm full as hell!
What did u eat?
allah e5aleelk eyahom ya rab :)

o bl 3afya :):)

o ana aby sisters, all i have are brothers :(
FourMe said…
afaa ya3nii I'm not your newly acquired sister :(
OutOfReach said…
allah y5lekom 7g b3a'6 :)
i love cooking :)
i didnt eat anything today :S
i'm hungry :P
Big Pearls said…
allah ye5aleekom il ba3ath enshalla:)
Feminist™ said…
God im so hungry now o 9ar feeni wedi ajrb that food you are talking about ,,

allah y5aleehum lik inshallah :D
Zi-One said…
allah ykhaliihum lek ;)
..::Amu::.. said…
5roofa: ur always hungry :P

amethyst: Allah ye3afich...

ruby woo: I ate kelshy..lods of stufff:) yummy

Dandoon: lol I need brothers too I have all sisters :D

fourme: You never were :)

outofreach: go and eat then :) were u waiting for my post?

big pearls: thanks :)

feminist: 7ayach...the food was really tasty.. :)

zi-one: Allah yesalmch..
F. said…
That's great :)

3alaikom bil3afya
purelyorchid said…
Sisters are just the best thing in the world;p!!
ZaMaHReeR said…
hany oo 3afya mate :)
allah ykhalikom lee ba3a'9 inshallah..
PaLoMiNo said…
alla eykhalekom 7ag ba3th ya raby :)

post pics? wnta yo3an? eeh khair inshala ;p

u know what they say about men when it somes to their tummies ;p
Squirreliya said…
Allah ykhaleekum lba3ath :)
Feminist™ said…
P.S. you've been tagged xD
intlxpatr said…
Sounds like a wonderful time - like the best things in life are things you don't even think about sometimes.

Hope all is going well in your life, Amu.
..::Amu::.. said…
f: Allah ye3afich :)

purelyorchid: they are...

zamahreer: Allah yesalmek bro :)

palomino: no what do they say? :P

squirreliya: thanks :)

feminist: thanks :p will do it soon...

intlxpatr: so true...I am doing good...Welcome back..looking at the pics I can feel you had a great vacation :)
Harlow said…
Allah ye5alehom inshallah.
PaLoMiNo said…
*somes=comes ;p

eygoloon lay7ooshik ;p

wena agraab 6reej to galb il ryaal is his tummy ;p

o b3deen ana ashoof khwny when ykonoon yw3a ;p eyth7kooon ;p

oo wayed 3indhom il akel shy mohem ;p

o laaaaaaaaaaaaah tshoof il mood etha il akil mo 3ajbhom


7ada lay7ooshik ;p

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