New Look

I finally changed it :)

Thanks to everyone who helped me with it esp. Mirror and Ansam.

But I lost all the widgets I had on the side bar!!!! Is there a way to retrieve them back??

what do you think about the new look??


Big Pearls said…
Mabrook il new look..It's unique:)
sis4you said…
i don't like it's summer get some light colors.
falantan said…
It is hot, no denying that :)
Mirror Polisher said…
mabrooooooooooook :D :D :D nice, unique, simple...but eeeehhhmmmm as sis4you says some bright colors will be nice...and some pics in the header

oh and yeah, you have lost your widgets, you need to reinstall them.

oh and i'm still having probs with te comment pop-up box using i the only one?
Anonymous said…
Hot hot hot.
Navy Girl said…
good one .. love the new look !
boy_z3 said…
i think its a little weird! :P
bb q8 said…
i like it a lot! :)
Ansam said…
I like it.... its nicer than the one before. I dont know what everyone mean by summer colors! This is just cool :-)
Glitter said…
HOT it is NOT!
Anonymous said…
Its cool !
el fal le !
Soul said…
If you are planning to retain the red, make the background lighter Grey.

Rest transparent effect is cool.

Its a minimalistic concept and i guess its on the right track.

However, the car needs a little Photoshop tweaking.

A solid color in the header will give the theme a strong head.


~ Soul
Anonymous said…
thanks everyone :)

Mirror: I think ur the only one who is having the problem!

Ansam: sadly its not working properly with my blog and I am sad my widgets are gone :(

Soul: thanks for the advice but its not working properly...I have to restore my original settings back tomorrow and start working on it seperately!
Anonymous said…
The place where you write is too small it should be wider and the colors are too much . Bas kaifek : P
:::ShoSho::: said…
It suits you.. Mabrook!
Soul said…
Send me the code, will fix it for ya.

info AT adesignidea DOT com


~ Soul
NoNoWa said…
Congrats -looks good :)
Grey said…
Awesome! just try yellow font colors instead of red and see the difference.
Kaileena said…
Certainly looks great
i can't find any more word
هذا كل اللي عطوني اياه بالمدرسه
nice profile
i love this car
as much as i love my mother
Anonymous said…

You cant bring them back.
You can only add them again....

ammaro said…
nice look, its great! only thing is the red font under your posts doesnt mix well with the grey, sorta hurts the eyes... maybe it should be white
outkasty said…
I love cars, I love your new look, mabrok! =p

u have excellent taste in music, i like music that has nice melody
Anonymous said…
kaileena: thanks :)

kuwaitya: cheers..

skinny: I just figured that out :(

ammaro: thanks for the tip!

outkasty: thanks :D
G and L said…
Congrats! Wayd 7ilo!! Ilfal le i've been wanting to change mine since forever:/
kella met2a5er said…
Yeh yeh yeh, esh cool


Tara shayyashtny, chenny ba`3ayyir ana ba3ad!!
Anonymous said…
missy: why????

g and I: thanks :)

kella: yebarek feek :) go ahead when are u launching the new look :D need some help with the website?
Amethyst said…
It's okay.. A bit.. Tacky? ;\
OutOfReach said…
i really like it looks just like mine :P love the red :D
No3iK said…
its very guyISH ;)
would be nice though to actually have a fast lane in the the template somewhere :)
Anonymous said…
i didn't see ur old one.. bas nice

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