Long Posts

What happens to me when I enter a blog and see a long post there!!!!

huh @@ eww ahhh 'Do I have to read it?' I am really bad with long posts. Not just long posts lets say my memory is bad when it comes up to reading. I have never read a story book in my life. I still remember when my elder sister used to read her Nancy Drew story books and I always used to wonder how can she understand whats written in this 200 pages book!!!

I am more of a practical person. I like things to be easy going my way. I honestly feel I am bad with that... At times I read a post 4 times on different days and then comment on the post!! I don't know what kind of posts interest me but I guess me being typical anything to do with gadgets and my latest addiction food interests me the most.

I write posts and then publish them without bothering to read them again. Once published I go back and edit them a million times....I am so complicated!!

So sorry people if you feel I comment late because my thick brain takes time to grab your words and interpret it in the right way....

Good Day :)


Ra-1 said…
"I read a post 4 times on different days and then comment on the post"
That is weird :)
powder said…
loooool same thing with me , i dont like long posts , sooo many blogs , looong posts soo little time :S , but i dont mind reading books
Grey said…
I cant read long posts , but i can write them and not read what i wrote because they are sooo long !
Anonymous said…
ra-1: thats me :P

powder: Oh you are soo like me except reading books :P

grey: hehe I am good in writing too but cuz you write whats in your mind :)
Amethyst said…
I try to make my long posts different.
Intlxpatr said…
Amu, I was listening to BBC yesterday, and they were talking about the difference between boys and girls learning styles. What you are talking about is so typical of boys!

And it is very much a generational thing, too, boys/men want information in capsules, short form, lots of space. Interesting, huh?

I haven't heard the rest of the report - it says things change as people mature. Men do better in the workplace than they do in school.

Interesting huh? (OOps! Is this comment too long?)
Soul said…
Long posts rarely are interesting because... there are rarely good writers.

I know two fine ladies who write magic in volumes.

Simple, they are so lively and thoughts flow creating colorful images while we read.

How about a LONG COMMENT Amu ?

~ Soul
Anonymous said…
amethyst: I have noticed that.

intlxpatr: interesting well I wasnt watching BBC yesterday :PpP

whats the maturity age for me?? :)

soul: who are the two ladies?? long comments are good at times and others they are just tooo boring!!
Soul said…
1. Maya (The Vagina Monologues) http://www.mayouches.wordpress.com

2. Preeta (A Dollop of Icecream) http://21writersblock.blogspot.com

~ Soul
TOUCHE' said…
A long post that keeps jumping from topic to topic is frustrating, specially when you know that the writer has all the tools and qualities to generate a terrific post and could’ve done a much better job if concentrated on a specific topic and divided them into deeper ones.

Some long post are really enjoyable and sometimes it defies you into commenting but you fail since the post is flawless and you want to add something but it’s too perfect. I like those ones that make me the silent ghost reader.

I have to remind myself to stick to a two lines comments when it comes to your posts :)

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