Late Night Calls

I have a very deep sleep habit on normal days. When I say normal days I mean when I am not stressed. I usually sleep for 6 - 8 hours on such days which is very good according to my sleeping standards which is not more than 5 - 6 hours on other days.

I usually keep my phone next to me when I sleep. On normal days I will attend calls at night and forget the next day who I spoke to and what we spoke about unless I go back and check my received calls.

Last night similar incident happened which I just recalled I spoke to a friend who called me from London. I spoke for like few minutes and that's all I recall. I completely don't recall what we talked about during that time. Its really embarrassing that I dont recall our conversation. I have been thinking since morning should I call back and say that I am sorry can you tell me what we spoke last night. Weird, ha?

Is it just me or does anyone else goes through this?


Errant said…
that's so funny and wierd .. hehe .. never happened to me though ..
Anonymous said… said…
I am good with not making calls when I'm about to sleep..but I do wake up, checking my fone, and realizing that I have sent/replied to people's msgs..
Anonymous said…
I ALWAYS go thru with this.. wlaa id upset ppl and I wouldnt even know ina it-hawasht wyahom etc. lol ur not alone!
A Journal Entry said…
lol! kha6rah!
what if ur not supposed to sya something to that person oo u don't know if u did or not coz ur sleeping?!
i say put ur mobile faaaar away when sleeping!
Eden said…
It Always Happens 2 ME lol..Love ur Post..

Plz VISIST my Blog
Anonymous said…
Errant: It happens with me alot :) I used to check my emails in the middle of the night which I still do sometimes ;p

Anonymous: I am happy I have a partner ;p

A Journal Entry: That is what i am often scared about ;p

Eden: thanks... I did visit your visit your blog!
Mathai said…
Its happened to me a few times too. Just forget this instance and the next time they call casually try to recollect what you spoke about last time! :D

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