Stop for Prayer!

A Kuwaiti advert to encourage people to pray, whatever they may be upto! The campaign was called 'Pause and Complete After Prayer'. I really like it as it gives a positive message out.


A Journal Entry said…
it's good.. but it wasn't as moving as MBC's prayer campaign a while back (aqim 9alatak qabl mamatak).. That one pops into my mind everytime i say i'll pray after i finish doing this or that and makes me really stop and go pray
Anonymous said…
A Journal Entry: I just watched the MBC one and it really hits you hard.
ZoN said…
This is a good ad.
The ad on MBC uses fear as a booster its a famous psychological method, i forgot its name.. lots of health and awareness campaigns use this method, which found a huge impact on the receiver or target population. There was a big campaign about seat belt back in the UK few years ago uses the same method.
I find it useful in certain issues.
Jouja™ said…
i really loved it !!

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