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Backstabber + Liars = $$$$$

I hate such people and the worse is when you see such people to come from people who are related to you. When they come and attack you for no good reason and try to spoil your relation with your friends.

Do the backstabbers think they will get 2 extra medals or do they lie thinking they will reach the highest mountain but no...excuse my french your place is under my feet!


Faith said…
Totally agree I hate such people its hard 2 deal with 'en specially when u are expecting 2 be treated well & the opposite happened :(
Anonymous said…
b3dna 9'3aar bas still a7s sometimes we go through things and think about things we arent supposed to think about ! personally i have been back-stabbed by close family members but to hell with it !

5ala9 kelshay estwaa 3adi ! i guess wat im trying to say is that soon ull be numb to all these feelings and ull live happily ever after ;p

no seriously try to ignore wats useless and live the way U want to ;) ull alwayz stumble upon such characters so good luck with that !
A Journal Entry said…
getting stabbed is hard.. bs i always like to think enna it's good that i know the REAL person now to end my relationship with him/her not later on in my life..
Anonymous said…
True! I hate this kinda people, especially backstabbers, curse them!

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