Diavel in town

The wait is finally over and this beautiful Ducati  has arrived for me. I cant wait to get it from the dealership. I have already shopped for all my gear and right now I am feeling like a little kid who cant wait to have his toy. I am super excited!!!

Ducati has really nailed it right when making this Diavel. I just love how it looks and feels while riding. It has the power and the cruiser looks. Most reviews say its a balance of both sports and cruiser.

I am not that good at reviews but here's a better one done by Z District.

I placed the order last month and as promised by Tristar it was here in 6 weeks. Loved how professional they are with their services. They kept informing me from time to time with my order status.

But the sad part is I have to wait for almost 3 weeks till I ride it which will be right after new years due to my busy schedule so I have decided to let the bike be with them.


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