Red Velvet Ice Cream

I never knew Baskin Robin had the red velvet flavour or at least most of the branches around Kuwait don't carry it. I visited a newly opened branch across Marina Mall in Salmiya and thought this was a new flavour. The guy told me that this has been out for sometime. After trying it I decided to go for it. It touched the right spot. I just loved it.

Image Source: Buzberry


Karamilah said…
*drooools* sounds yummy to me and never heard of BR's Red Velvet ice-cream.

Should try it soon :)
Charmbracelet said…
SOUNDS GREAT ! Will try it definitely
samaher tariq said…
Am not a fan of dairy ice cream
Butterfly Chick said…
Yummmyyyy Yummmmyyyy Yummmmyyyy!

I dont think we have it here in bahrain though :(
No3iK said…
wow .. its been very long .. so shlonik?

hope ur well inshallah :)

and 3wafi
Anonymous said…
No3ik: i am good, how have u been?

You havent been posting much too ;)

Allah ye3afich
looks so good! you post a lot of yummy food
Anonymous said…
Chick Flick: you think so?? infact I am not really a food lover :P

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