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I could never create a good link between myself and Apple products. The reason being is I am very picky about all the gadgets that I use and one of the most important part that has always let me down towards Iphone was the battery life. I always wanted to have a phone that can have the longest battery life and I have to say that Nokia E71 has served me the best. I have sold and bought that phone at least 4 times just because I couldn't find anything better than that.

On my recent visit to Canada I decided to give it a try again. I bought the new Iphone 4 and just a day before I was leaving from there I bought the New release Macbook pro. I didn't use them while I was there and now its been 15 days since I am using both and I have to say that its the best. I am extremely happy with my purchase. The battery issues with the Iphone 4 are still there but the overall performance of both these products are amazing. Everything is just a touch away!!!

Using a normal laptop makes me feel that I am a decade behind with technology now.

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samaher tariq said…
u can buy the extra battery i don't know what they call it

i love apple
Nemo said…
I too have 2 apple products, the iphone and the macbook pro, i love them both and I'm so happy with them :)
Anonymous said…
same goes with me! but i am beginning to like macbook :D but i will never buy an iphone
Anonymous said…
Samaher: Those after market ones?

Nemo: Me too ;)

Just Noon: Well you should try the iphone too I am sure you will like it!!
Touché said…
Looks like that apple is big that it can offer everyone a bite :)

What's interesting is the "I feel I'm decade behind technology", if there is a secret, then it's the secret of Apple users' tremendous enthusiasm :)
BuYousef said…
Apart from an iPod back when they first came out I was far from any apples until 2008 when my wife bought me a MacBook pro.

I always thought it was a marketing ploy to show off the alternative technology to the pc. I immediately realized that apple were far more advanced than I had anticipated. They work hard at staying ahead and it's a pleasure enjoying the fruit of their labour.

Ms rook on your purchases.

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