Snow Snow and More Snow...

I am here in Canada for the last five days and will be staying for this complete month of Feb. I think its the first longest vacation I am taking in the last 11 years!!! I usually never travel more than 2 weeks as I get home sick.

The day I landed we were expecting a heavy snow storm but it didn't hit us. I always thought that their snow storms are supposed to be like our dust storms that start with blowing wind and then get dusty but I was wrong. The sky and the whole atmosphere before and after snowfall is just breathtaking. I am just loving it!!!

It Snows...Its COLD and the temperatures are between - 7C to -30C.

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Journal Entries said…
-30!!! OMG!
allah ekoon eb3oonkum!
Touché said…
-30 for a whole month, dude this will definitely screw up my nerve system!! I might even start experiencing chronic case of senses instability by seeing through my ears, talking through my nose, hearing through my eyes and sensing through my tongue :)

Have a lovely vacation, don't freeze up and stop posting dude :)

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