Fun Weekend

What a fun filled 3 days weekend. I wish I had more of it. Did it have to end in 3 days??

I went to Abdally with my sisters. It was one long drive but was filled with fun. The new extension of 6th ring road all the way to Bubyaan is a nice drive too and no cameras ;p so speed like there is police behind you..

and now I am back to work and tired;/ o maly 5lg I even touch any piece of paper except listening to some songs and right now my stomach is making sounds and asking me to feed him ;p


ZoN said…
stomach is he or she? :P
Anoosa said…
mee toooo i wished they would make it the whole week i didnt want to go to university!!!
waaaaai3 its really a hated place in my heart!!
glad you had fun!!
Ego said…
at least someone had a nice weekend!!

am getting envious be ware of my eye!! lol

i had to work on my weekend :(
Anonymous said…
Yay! Glad that you enjoy yourself :) and yallah faster go feed your stomach!
samaher said…
work always better than college

eat your breakfast before you drink your coffee
Anonymous said…
Zon: he cuz its my stomach :P

Anoosa: Ouch!! dont hate it that much ;p

Ego: Sorry to hear that ;p but i am sure you get a few extra days off for this ;p

C: I did I did I ate all day yesterday :D

Samaher: I will :)

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