A few days back I went to Maki with 'M'. It was first time for me to visit a Japanese restaurant. Let me tell you that I am more of a burger person. I never try new dishes in food and usually stick to what I always order. I have never had prawns or shrimps or sushi. But that day it tasted good till I later knew what I was eating.

What happened is we entered the restaurant and I didn't hold the menu or read anything inside it. 'M' knew what was to be ordered and the order was placed. The rules were I would not be placing the order or looking in the menu and when the order arrives I should eat without asking questions. As I have never eaten any of these dishes before I didn't know how they look or taste like. I was quiet nervous to be honest as I didn't know what I will be chewing once the order arrives. It was odd to eat even when the order arrived and it was all good and tasty till I knew at the end what I was eating!!! I kinda fell sick knowing that I was eating prawns and few other Maki dishes and I don't recall their names now.

Overall wasn't as bad as I thought. How can it be bad when you have a great company ;) I would definitely give it another try some time again.


Zabo0o6a said…
I was reading the title o ago0l la amu o maki MO SIJ !
Bel3afya dear ;)
CrazyCatQ8 said…
well well well .. its about time for u to try something new ;) and MAKI ( my favorite restaurant) ..

by the way i did the same thing with one of my friends .. took her there i ordered so many dishes .. and never let her ask what is this or that .. i told her eat o keep quiet LOL .. she ended up beging me to take her there again LOL and memorizing the dishes lol

hey Amu try the creamy lobster tail next time .. and dont say no .. try it 1st then say what u want ;)
Candy said…
me too,burger person,i tried el sushi marra & i liked it <3

aham shay the one who accompanied u,will make u forget the taste =D

bel hana 3ala ur heart..
Miss-Informed said…
lol Not everyone can stand having "Nihon Ryoori" - Japanese Cuisine (showing off my few jap words :P), some of my friends wont succumb to the experience of trying it out so I give you credit for taking the plunge.

I personally wouldn't mind living on that kind of food :D

Glad you enjoyed it.
..::Amu::.. said…
Zaboo6a: hehe...Allah ye3afeech!

CrazyCat: you girls are evil ;p and the idea of lobster makes me sick ;/

Candy: thanks :)

Miss-Informed: I liked it but I don't know when will I go next :)
Ansam said…
I cant believe you never had sushi before! hehehehe I love it
ZeZe said…
I love sushi but only certain types of sushi. I prefer the one with the octopus, I have no idea whatizname bs it taste really nice with wasabi.
Anonymous said…
I hate it when people are discriminant against some types of food. Please forget any stereotypes you have when you eat, and decide later whether you like it or not. Believe me you might be missing a lot.
Bloggerista said…
so did u eat anything raw or was it all cooked?

oh and what was your fav. dish?
OOOH that's a good news to me, I mean you tried something new to eat and its healthy one too, im happy for ya ^_^ damn im starving;P
ZoN said…
no way!!
first time in japanese restaurant.. its the best :)
The Extravagate said…
Tryin different restaurants is gd as long as we leave sushi out of it
This Lady said…
I cant believe you only just tried Japanese food! I've been eating it for so long I cant even remember!

Its really good. But why dont you like prawns or shrimps, etc?
angel face said…
waaaaay how can you NOT love Makiiiiii way i love that place a7la shay 3eesa makiiiiiiiiiiii <3 ! w Salmon avocado salade !! lol anyway bil 3afyaa ! ;* and ee i totally agree ana b3d chthy when am with an amazin company i dnt care about the food ! ;p .. imbala yimkin shwayaa lol bas IL MOHIM !! glad you liked it
desertpalms said…
bil 3afyaaa = )

i havent tried proper japanese food either..theres just somthing about eating RAW food thats putting me off...hmm i shud give it a go!
intlxpatr said…
LOL @ you liked it fine until you knew what you had eaten!

I had a Japanese friend visiting me; she fell in love with the fish market in Mubarakiyya. We had two other women with us who were almost throwing up at the smell, but my friend took about 75 photos of all the different kinds of seafood available.

I stick the the cooked stuff, now. I used to eat all the raw stuff, but it is risky. Glad you trusted "M" to introduce you to a wonderful new world.
..::Amu::.. said…
Ansam: hopefully will be having it more soon :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: tell me about it!! but sometimes u just gotta try it..

ZeZe: OCTOPUS ---- NO WAY...I cant stand thats scary ;p

Anonymous: Thats what I have been doing now for the past few months :)

Kazeh: thanks!

Bloggerista: I think it was all cooked...and I liked the salad dont rem the name though :D

Another-Penelope: go and eat then what are ya waiting for? ;p

ZoN: Allah ye3afeek :) and welcome back..spill the truth what happened to ur blog!

The Extravagate: OH I so like u for keeping sushi out of the menu ;p

This Lady: The idea of eating prawns and shrimps usually gives me a strange feeling so never tried it!

angel face: Allah ye3afeech...

desertpalms: Allah ye3afeech...I think u should give it a try u might like it..

intlxpatr: WOW thats different.. I seriously till today cant stand the smell of fish market in Mubarkiya..It makes me sick!
am sorry but Maki sucks man you should try Fusion at Galleria 2000 mall in salmiya or Kaizen at the Avenues
Technogal said…
Which means you should always give it a try.. taste and then decide whether you like it or not.
glad to hear you liked the food Maki is one of my favorite restaurants. "Bel3afia"
you should try Sakura....

my treat...:)
Smart-y said…
wanasaaa!! next time try: 3awaii Maki! madrii laish a7eb hatha akther shaii!!

oo ashwaa enna fe a7ad 3'airii is a burger person, cuz 3adii 3indii at3'ada oo at3shaa burger!
Nemo said…
ana marra jarabt japanese o kan mo shay ;(
cuz i picked a random number mn el menu lol (4 years ago)

i think i should go there with some one who knows what to order lol
zuz said…
u should've ordered all the new makis! yum yum and bel3afya!
your missing a lot!! who doesn't like japanese food?
Lulwa said…
I DOOOOO @ Oranjina fadidra

bel3aaafyaaaa Ameer :)

u r right . the company is what count . 7atta lo ma63am hindi , it would still tast awesooome ;P

would never try Asian food though =$
RuBY_GLooM said…
Maki is My very Best Favorite Rest. I wouldn`t Mind Dine in it every day.

A Journal Entry said…
i like it when one is able to yit7ada nafsah and tries stuff! =)
Frenzy said…
its nice u liked it :)
Navy Girl said…
MAKIIIIII SUCKS !! I hate it !! I rather WASABI waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much !!

just go ahead and try it ;P

Neoark said…
Serve you right!!

now i'll steal 'm' from ya :P
libero anima said…
we don't have this restaurant here =@

but japanese food ROCKS !
Big Pearls said…
Missed u Amu:)

I love Maki;)
..::Amu::.. said…
Big Pearls: where have you been? I hope you have been doing have been really missed :)
No3iK said…
all i can say .. lucky u!

i miss maki sooooooo much

o 3laikum bl 3afya :)
mazeofthoughts said…
bon appetit...maki is nice!
His Sweetheart said…
This is me talking not you lol

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