Lately my temper has been really on its peak. Its like I am always looking for an excuse to argue or start a fight. Mind you the excuse should be something that really boils my blood. Most of the times I am either on the edge of killing the guy that works for me at my business or its the careless drivers on the road.

I usually stop the drivers give them my peace of mind and then start driving again. Today morning it was some Prado guy driving behind me like he wants to hit my car and be in the passenger seat with me. Then this bus driver who cuts me off - I end up getting out of my car like a spider man and cursing him.

Last week it was one of the guys driving Lexus on a jam packed road in Fahaheel with his kids. He was honking continuously and the next thing I know he bumped my car. I got out of my car and the guy was one rude bastard *excuse my french*. He didn't even bother to step out of his car to see what was wrong. He claimed there is nothing wrong with my car and I should leave. Guess what happened next??

I sat in my car and not more than 20 sec after i moved the Lexus guy changed his lane and I heard a loud sound. Some one in an SUV hit the Lexus from the back. But this time he got out of his car to check the damage!!!


Miss-Informed said…
LOOOOOL NO WAY!!!!!! Karma!!!!

Tell the truth Amu, da3ait 3alaih? :P
Anonymous said…
Take it easy! I know what you mean, i personally think that a lot of licenses should be revoked. The amount of annoying drivers on the road is multiplying every single day! i hate those that really tailgate you. Giving you no space what so ever. Go over to the other lane for gods sake! They act as if they own the road!
Anonymous said…
Miss Informed: KARMA :D ..... lool not gonna tell u any truth let it be a secret in me ;p

bsanctuary: Oh they do and especially the bus and taxi drivers!
samaher said…
Bloggerista said…
7oobtik mo 9ij! :P
Kazeh said…
Amu wa7da bwa7da @_@
A Journal Entry said…
abaaaih allah ma e6ig eb 3a9a!!
that bastard LooL You are a real Leo:P << shako :P

you gotta calm down Amu, how about a glass of water ? ^_^
Technogal said…
I can tell from the pic :)
strange I had this feeling recently! I feel like I wanna kill someone :/
ohh.. you tell me about it! 6reeej Fahaheel.. "wma adrak ma 6reeg Fahaheel" I've been advised that I should never ever argue with drivers in Fahaheel..it's way too risky!
Anonymous said…
salamat mate.
wallah nafs il7ala, bad temper too these days!
pink said…
looool atweqa3 enk d3ait 3alaih :P
Mar8adoosh said…
allah ma y6ig ib 3a9a ;p
Anonymous said…
samaher: I am not that bad :p

Bloggerista: hehe

Kazeh: I guess I gave him a bad eye ;p

Zabo0o6a: ;p

A Journal Entry: hehe wont go that bad ;p

Nemo: I was happy to see him getting out of his car ;p

Another-Penelope: Water is my medicine these days ;p

Technogal: I guess all leos are going through this thing ;p or is it the weather? :D

ZoN: Allah yesalmek...I think it the time of the year :D relax mate..

pink: hehe maybe ;p

Mar8adoosh: maybe next time ;p
Anonymous said…
Ya gotta love karma! And it was also a small lesson in leaving these things to the All-Mighty, who takes care of all things, great and small. I'm glad the Lexus jerk's children weren't hurt. I bet they weren't buckled in, either. :-(

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