All in One

For those who want more...I dont know when will the next part be coming :D

For those who wanted to attend the wedding - You all are more than welcome!

For all of you who gave me the lucks and warm wishes - Allah yebarek feekom - Thank you :D

I have finally moved to my new house. It feels so good in a new place. Its all new and a good change.

I am getting my new car tomorrow. I am really excited about it :D

I am travelling on the 15th June - A day after my blogs one year anniversary.

No updates for you guys on the marriage yet! - CominG sOOn!!!

Now this is where I am stuck: While moving I came across a bag full of old memories that I don't want to remember. It's hard when I think that I should get rid of them and I can't. But with the new phase of my life at the moment sooner or later I have to that to move on.

So what do u think I should do with them. Throw them away or lock them in a corner of my house forever?

I am really confused on the above - your advices will sure help me to take this big step!


chika said…
burn! throw ashes down the toilet - flush !
Anonymous said…

No3iK said…
same thing happened here ..
box full of pics, cards, letters and stuff ..
memories .. some i didnt want anymore ..
at the same time .. it felt like they were part of me and i wanted to know theyll be there if one day i felt like going through them ..
so i got me this bag with a lock .. put it away in the storage room ..

u could do that :)
Evil Knievel said…
i got a box full as well ... but not everything is burnable ... :P
Guess you and I have to throw it away!
Ohh... btw... what car are you getting now?
:::ShoSho::: said…
Throw them away!!! no point of keeping them trust me!

I truly wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart!
..::Amu::.. said…
chika: I was thinking about that too @@ but where is the courage in me?

no3ik: I never thought someone would do that..but ant u scared that it might get exposed to someone one day?

amethyst: :/

evil: I guess we have too but its hard mate! I am getting the new Nissan Altima..

shosho: thanks for the wishes!
Enigma said…
Burn. You're starting over, no point in bringing back painful memories. If you don't have the courage (I'm sure you don't), throw out one thing at a time.
Burn or burry them :) Learn from the past and well, thank the people in your past for learning- you'd never have gotten to where you are today if you didn't learn and you won't learn unless you're put in situation to do so.

Good luck :)
Soul said…
Burn them.

Its good to you in a long run.

Avoids a lot of conflict in the future and which is N times the conflict magnitude which you are facing now.

~ Soul

P.S: Optimism would help a great deal from now on (Which you have in tons.. Cheers :) )
juju said…
Throw some and keep some :D !!

no really really u gotta throw them ..
bcuz no woman in the world wants another woman hiding behind her husband ..
so burn them .. u can only keep the good memories in ur mind where no one can reach them except u ..
Enjoy ur life ... u have a future to work on not a past to hang on !!
Missy said…
You can burn the bag or flush it down the toilet, but the memories would still be there. However, if those memories are putting your life on hold, GET RID OF THEM.

We have all been there, everyone has bad/good memories.. But don't let what happened in the past be an obstacle to achieve what your planning to in the future.

Omit the the hurtful memories and smile when you remember the good ones.. :)
kella met2a5er said…
Awal shay- yesterday I had an accident so u shud go to my blog- mo kaifik.

Second- dude, you still didnt burn them?! What are u waiting for? Throw away the materialistic things and it will relieve your heart as well. It will hurt the first minute, then you will say..screw that - how dumb was I?? I have a new life in front of me now. Then, get yourself a bike, and take it out on the road!

NoNoWa said…
Scorch em!!!

Its time to make new memories with someone that's worth it!

Best of Luck :)
Big Pearls said…

this post is totally not you!
greyshorts said…
now everything is going to change you know
Grey said…
Oh ! there is a ritual for that , first apply wheat floor on your body, burn all the memories, then run around the house three times dispersing the ashes.. ... Kiddin man! just get rid of them... some things are not meant to last! Just say goodbye thats it... You are born new !

Good luck !
:::ShoSho::: said…
lol Grey I was actually reading and trying to imagine the scene loooooooooool!
Ansam said…
New house
New Car
New Love
New Look for your blog...

You dont need us to tell you what do... I think you know better :-)

Good luck and Mabrook for all of the above :-D
I wouldn't throw them away! I say keep them some where locked up!
Ms. D said…
too many things happenning all at once ;D

mbroooook :D

and the bag of old stff throw it in the biggest ZBALA u find ib share3
..::Amu::.. said…
Kella met2aker: dude you scared me!!! how are you now?

Nonowa: ban him from riding :P let him be with a nice rider like me next time..he will be in safe hands :D
No3iK said…
if u mean by someone .. my hub ..
he helped me lock it up :)

i hide nothing ..

i advise u to do the same ..

only if its worth it .. if not .. then just throw away.
Desert-Roses said…


Vixen said…

and alf mabrooooooook!!
Vixen said…

and alf mabrooooooook!!
ammaro said…
i dont think you should throw them away...

sure, u might not want to remmeber them now, but maybe in 20, 30 40 years, you wanna remember your old days, and it might feel more comical than anything else... i say hold on to them, just keep them locked up :)
intlxpatr said…
Amu - I f you are meant to remember, you won't need anything to help you remember. If you are going to commit to marriage. commit, commit fully. Get rid of any ties to the past, and commit with all your heart, Amu.

We believe marriage is a lifetime commitment.

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