Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Fast and The Furious

I went to watch this movie over the weekend. I was really tired last week and was really looking forward to a nice weekend. I really enjoyed watching this movie. Some nice action, nice drifting and nice chasing on cars. I recommended few people to watch this movie but it seems not too many people are into such movies. The best part was these young teenagers who were watching this movie with us. Every few minutes we would hear them cheering up or making these noises like they are driving some car.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


A few days back I went to Maki with 'M'. It was first time for me to visit a Japanese restaurant. Let me tell you that I am more of a burger person. I never try new dishes in food and usually stick to what I always order. I have never had prawns or shrimps or sushi. But that day it tasted good till I later knew what I was eating.

What happened is we entered the restaurant and I didn't hold the menu or read anything inside it. 'M' knew what was to be ordered and the order was placed. The rules were I would not be placing the order or looking in the menu and when the order arrives I should eat without asking questions. As I have never eaten any of these dishes before I didn't know how they look or taste like. I was quiet nervous to be honest as I didn't know what I will be chewing once the order arrives. It was odd to eat even when the order arrived and it was all good and tasty till I knew at the end what I was eating!!! I kinda fell sick knowing that I was eating prawns and few other Maki dishes and I don't recall their names now.

Overall wasn't as bad as I thought. How can it be bad when you have a great company ;) I would definitely give it another try some time again.