Monday, May 26, 2008

Blog Addiction

As you all know that at work they have blocked me from using alot of sites. At home I cant use it as I have moved to a new home and no internet access and no time.

So here I got a new way to blog...

  • I check out the blogs on my blog roll.
  • I write all the comments on Microsoft Word.
  • Send it to a friend who has my id and password.
  • and there you go my work gets done and my comments reach you :)


Like they say 'Where there is a will there is a way'

Sunday, May 25, 2008

All in One

For those who want more...I dont know when will the next part be coming :D

For those who wanted to attend the wedding - You all are more than welcome!

For all of you who gave me the lucks and warm wishes - Allah yebarek feekom - Thank you :D

I have finally moved to my new house. It feels so good in a new place. Its all new and a good change.

I am getting my new car tomorrow. I am really excited about it :D

I am travelling on the 15th June - A day after my blogs one year anniversary.

No updates for you guys on the marriage yet! - CominG sOOn!!!

Now this is where I am stuck: While moving I came across a bag full of old memories that I don't want to remember. It's hard when I think that I should get rid of them and I can't. But with the new phase of my life at the moment sooner or later I have to that to move on.

So what do u think I should do with them. Throw them away or lock them in a corner of my house forever?

I am really confused on the above - your advices will sure help me to take this big step!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Change of Status

My parents have finally found a girl for me. Well I shouldn't exactly say my parents because she is my friend from school.

It all started back in 1995 when I was in school and I had a crush on Dr. Sam. She was an outstanding student of my class and I was the opposite. I went for Omra and got her name written on a bracelet. I came back and didn't have the guts to give it to her so gave it to her friend who went and gave it to her. What was next?

I was called by the head of department and told off badly in front of few people. Boy what an unforgettable day was that!!!! well it was teenage crush so I didn't care about it much. I went to UK to study after high school and she went to become a dr. After I finished my studies in London and came back my cousin got me introduced to her again and since then we were in touch through messages every now and then.

Till recently in Jan when mom was doing a wife hunt and she asked me if I had anyone in my mind. Even though I didn't have anyone I just mentioned her to mom. My mom apart from being the best one she was so quick that she called them the same day and asked for her hand for me. They needed some time and finally they have decided to take the talks further.

All this makes me feel is this my fate? well if it is then I have to wait and see whats next for both of us in store by Allah....

To Be Continued...

Friday, May 16, 2008


I will be away till my next post. It might be a month or maybe more. I am moving to our new home and with the new system in Kuwait where there will be no telephone lines given at homes for some of their weird upgrade which hasn't ended in the last 2 years. I wont be able to post as wont be having internet connection. From work I will be around all the blogs and can post my comments only on blogs that use word press.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May His Soul Rest In Peace

انا لله وانا إليه راجعون

Monday, May 12, 2008


So finally I sold my car again...After 11 months and 12 days this car is gone too. I am not a filthy rich bloke but I just have so much craze of cars and motorcycles that its hard to live without it. I got a really good price that I have never got for any of my previous cars. Guess why??? because it was Toyota. If you want best value for your car and good service Toyota is the best.

Now I am thinking to buy the Lexus LS460. This will be the most expensive car I have ever bought from my hard earned savings if I buy it. The price is KD23000 and I am planning to pay KD13000 cash and the rest on installments for 5 years @ KD219/month. Most of the family members are against my decision of getting this car and the only one to support me on this is XoXo.

They just think its too expensive and I shouldn't go above a KD 10000 - KD11000 budget. All these no's by family has really made me confused. I really like this Lexus but sometimes I feel that paying KD219 for 5 years is wayed.

Anyways so I have to think fast because now I am left with no car. I am not looking to buy any normal saloon car as I have nearly driven all of them. I either want a sports car (mustang GT) or a luxury sedan (Lexus) or SUV (Chevrolet Tahoe).

As my mind on cars keep changing I am open to all advices. So please feel free to shoot and blame me for being typical guy :)

I mmmm back

Sorry for neglecting my blog for sometime.

I was around but too lost and wanted to fix a few things in my busy life.