Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mubarak 3lekom Elshahar


I got a call from Suzuki dealership on Thursday that my motorcycle has arrived. I felt the salesman was so rude. The way he was talking to me was like as if he is doing me a favor by selling me the motorcycle. I have already paid half of the amount and the rest half was supposed to be paid after the motorcycle arrives. I informed them on Wednesday that I will be coming to pay on the 31st or 1st. The way he was talking to me was like you either take it or we have other customers who are willing to buy it. How unprofessional is that? Its not that this is the first place I have noticed this!! I have noticed this in a lot of big companies here in Kuwait.

The other day I recall I visited my shop in embarkiya and a lady came in and asked me are you the owner of this place. I replied back politely saying yes. She said your salesman is really rude. He has no manners how to treat customers. I felt so bad that I really told off the guy that next time I shouldn't be listening to any complains.

I believe a customer is a customer no matter how rude, good or bad they are we should always deal them in a very professional way. I feel there should be more communication and customer service training given to employees.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's Late But It's Never Late

Its been exactly a year I have not visited her grave. The memories just hit me badly when I read a post on DnG's blog. Every time I wanted to visit her grave in the last one year I ran away from it because being there will bring back memories of my ex.

Who was she to me in her life? A women who never knew me, a women who never wanted me for her daughter, a women who I met and spoke to but always as a stranger. I have seen her death in someone's eye. I loved her like my mother. I wanted to be her son as she never had one. Its been nearly 2 years since she passed away from cancer and it just looks like yesterday.

Allah yer7amha...

Friday, August 29, 2008


Friday Afternoon


Light music

So quite

So peaceful

So relaxing

Silence please - I am just loving it today!

I guess sometimes we all need this change when there in no one around us and we can just relax to refresh our mind from our busy work and daily life.


WARNING: This post might have sexual and rude language. If you are sensitive please do not proceed.

While surfing the blogs today I accidentally entered a blog which was locked and I got no clue how I entered inside till I was there. I wish I didn't enter there because that really made me so sick of blogsphere. I nearly wanted to throw up.

I couldn't believe that women or girls can be so vulgar and bad. I am still shocked. Explicit sexual language used and writing their personal experiences there is just crazy. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Me writing here wont explain anyone but if you would have read it there you will go crazy the way I am. I am not over reacting but it was terrible being there. Are they proud of all this? What are they trying to prove? Can a women go that low?

I am not saying that I am an angel but if I was ever bad I wouldn't go out and expose my self and invite others to come and read my shame. I would feel so bad about it that I wouldn't even want to think about it for the rest of my life.

I am not here to stop them its their life let them go do shit it doesn't even matters. I am just here to let it off my chest. But I am glad I cleaned up my BLOG ROLL.

This is for my readers with all respect if you were on my blog roll and you are not there anymore please don't comment on any of my posts going forward.

If you are a new reader or someone I haven't added because I didn't get time please feel free to comment.

The bloggers who are on my blog roll feel free to comment.

I am disabling anonymous comments for this post!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Japan International Motor Show

You are the winner of a Mercedes Benz E.240 worth 140,000 US$ in a combination of world internet union. Call +254738776991

Have you been getting this message on your mobile? I am thinking how do these people get our numbers.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Ugliest Looking Sports Car

Why would someone in the world want to make this beautiful looking Ferrari as a taxi?

The pic was sent to me by Intl.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How Could An Angel Break My Heart - Toni Braxton

I heard he sang a lullaby
I heard he sang it from his heart
When I found out thought I would die
Because that lullaby was mine
I heard he sealed it with a kiss
He gently kissed her cherry lips
I found that so hard to believe
Because his kiss belonged to me

How could an angel break my heart
Why didnt he catch my falling star
I wish I didnt wish so hard
Maybe I wished our love apart
How could an angel break my heart

I heard here face was white as rain
Soft as a rose that blooms in may
He keeps her picture in a frame
And when he sleeps he calls her name
I wonder if she makes him smile
The way he used to smile at me
I hope she doesnt make him laugh
Because his laugh belongs to me

How could an angel break my heart
Why didnt he catch my falling star
I wish I didnt wish so hard
Maybe I wish our love apart
How could an angel break my heart

Oh my soul is dying, its crying
Im trying to understand
Please help me

How could an angel break my heart
Why didnt he catch my falling star
I wish I didnt wish so hard
Maybe I wished our love apart
How could an angel break my heart

مبارك عليكم الشهر

As the msgs have started flowing our mobile phones why shall I be late in wishing all my readers A Very Happy and Blessed Ramadan

كل عام و أنتم بخير

Monday, August 25, 2008

Highlights of the Day

I cant be bothered to write a story so here are some shitty lines of the day...

1) I slept for 9 hours yesterday still didnt feel good when I woke up! :'(

2) Had a stupid silly argument at work was my mistake... :(

3) Had some problems at business... :(

4) Overall wasn't a pleasant day...... :((

5) Till my dad arrived and I spoke to him * I love you dady * :)

6) I heard from my best blogger friends Navy and 5r 5rrr 5rrrrrrrrr :)

7) I met a good friend for a quick juice at a cafe :)

Now I am back home and things just keep striking me....with people hurting my feeling to my mind mixed in a million things.....there is no good news for me today :(

and ya sorry for not replying to your comments in the last post!! I am just not in the best of my moods but I adore you all ..... Hope I have a pleasant day tomorrow!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Prom Night

Anonymous wanted some gossip and fun in my posts and she was saying that I haven't been posting the good stuff for sometime so this is to fill you up :D Just yesterday I was talking to a friend and recalling the Prom Night scene back in 2001 so here is what happened....

In 2001 when I came back from London there was a Prom party of KES high school graduates. A few friends invited me to the party which was organized in Meridian Hotel. I inquired about the dress code prior to my arrival there and friends suggested I should wear anything funky. I did ask them again knowing that the dress code for Prom Nights is usually formals but they replied saying wear anything funky.

The day of the party I reached there at 9pm and was rejected entrance cuz of my dress code and all my friends were dressed in formals. I was really pissed off at them but at the same time I didnt want to spoil their evening so I adopted silence and controlled my anger. My friends gave me company for 30 mins and then I felt bad that they should be enjoying their night so I asked them permission to leave.

On my way a few friends called and asked me if I could go home and change and come but I said I cant as my mom will be doubting me that whats the reason behind all this. Then as I was crossing Kuwait Towers one of my female friends called me and said the party is really fun and I shouldnt be missing it. She kinda got the power in me and I drove fast all the way to Salmiya. The time was nearly 10:30pm and I was lucky to find a few shops open in the old Salmiya. I went in a shop quickly bought a trouser and shoes went in another shop got a shirt and tie. I called my freinds that I am coming in they were all excited. Now the question was where will I change my clothes?? ?

By the time I reached the hotel it was nearly 11pm and I didn't want to enter the Hotel and go and change then come out so I parked my car outside the hotel facing Mathanna Complex and wore my suit in my car. I dont know how I did that but I am sure I can never do that again...The scene was just worth a movie clip and all the time I was scared if a police car passes by me they will definetly stop to enquire whats going on in the car ;p I went up and all my friends had a laugh when I told them the story...

The party was fun as ever and I guess that was the last time I ever danced and the first and last party I had ever gone in Kuwait too which was one hell of a rocking experience.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Colorful Day Out at Kubbar

It was bright sunny Friday afternoon 6 Adults and 4 kids on small boat headed towards Kubbar Island from Al Koot - Fahaheel. What can I say more that I just loved it all the way! It was great weather and good friends and the lovely sea and corals. I am so happy that I cant even write how great this change was for me!

The only worse and sad thing was to see gays and boya's and some stupid people there as usual. But the thing I loved the most was the coast guard was there and they were taking regular rounds so NO MORE LOUD MUSIC, NO MORE CLUB DANCING, NO MORE SHITTY STUFF which just made me enjoy the weather, swimming, snorkeling, boat sailing and eating lodz of JUNK food!

The above pic is taken from Kuwait Mantas website!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Dawn

As I sat by the window of my dark room after midnight a flow of thoughts started flowing my mind. The mean world, racism, good people, lovely friends, innocent kids they all were part of my collection of thoughts. But the thing that took my mind was you. I thought about you from how we met to how we got separated as I stared at the dark scary sky. A ray of light from the bright moon was lightening my face.

With each hour passing the colors of the sky kept changing from dark to lighter and lighter. This is how I compared my life with you. The beautiful colors of the sky made me happy because this is how beautiful my life was with you. With great memories to fold and save them in my heart I still can look back at those days with a smile. I kept waiting for that one call from you as the needles of my wrist watch were moving with my breath. I knew I was getting late for work but felt you would call as I sat there in vain waiting for that one last wake up call......

My Side Effects

When I am in a bad or sad mood which is today for some unknown reason I have a lot of bad effects of these moods on my daily life. Some of the things I have done since today morning are:

I drove my car like a maniac to work cruising on 180km/hr - a danger to normal drivers!

I argued with the security guard for some unknown reason.

I hate smoking but I am craving for cigarette ;/

I start eating like a cow.

Not one of the best days of the year!!!

Stay away.............&........... Have a nice weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eye Infection

I have got a eye infection on my right eye. It was a small lump and I thought it would get better but it has really become like a ball now and its really irritating because every time I blink my eye its itching me. Now my eyes have started watering and its hurting too.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

‘Beauty’ heals - In the eye of the beholder

Saira Liaqat squints through her one good eye as she brushes a woman’s hair. Her face, most of which the acid melted years ago, occasionally lights up with a smile. Her hands, largely undamaged, deftly handle the dark brown locks. A few steps away in this popular beauty salon, Urooj Akbar diligently trims, cleans and paints clients’ fingernails. Her face, severely scarred from the blaze that burned some 70 percent of her body, is somber. It’s hard to tell if she’s sad or if it’s just the way she now looks. Liaqat and Akbar are among Pakistan’s many female victims of arson and acid attacks. Such tales tend to involve a spurned or crazy lover and end in a life of despair and seclusion for the woman. The two instead became beauticians.

Click here to read the rest of article on Arab Times.

Picture caption: The above pic is taken from LA times with a similar article that was published on 16 August 2008. Click here to view the article. In the pic:
Saira Liaqat, 26, puts make up on a client at the Depilex beauty center in Lahore, Pakistan.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Zain e - GO

I have been using their USB internet device for the past 6 months and I have to say it sucks big time. They claim the speed to be 7.2 Mbps but I am sure its less than 1 MB. I feel its even worse than the dial up now. It takes me some times 2 - 3 minutes just to load my hotmail account. Opening 2 - 3 blogs will just start giving me network errors.When I bought it they told me that it is KD27/month and now I have been paying KD 29+ every month. All in all it sucks BIG TIME!!!

Last night I compared it with Wataniya and I have to say Wataniya with less speed and same money is much faster. The browsing is much quicker than Zain's e-go.

Anyone else using e-go and facing similar issues please update me?

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Lets welcome a new, talented and newly married blogger Just Nita. She writes really good and I am sure our warm welcome will push her to write more often. Her last post The Kid Story is a small example of how well she writes.

Embarrasing Moment

I take my car for the weekly washing and cleaning at this service station in Kuwait City. They have a nice sitting place you can call it a mini Deewaniya where I have hardly seen any men before. But yesterday it was busy than usual even though I have been there previously on weekends.

As I enter I greet everyone with the usual loud tone and find my self a place to sit. I try to mix in people but they are talking about Khadamas, Bengali cleaners and politics which is not my favorite subject at all.

So I am lost in my thoughts and staring at some TV program on MBC. A few minutes later an old man facing me asks me 'WHAT IS SO SPECIAL IN THIS TV SERIAL NOOR?' I am like are you talking to me. He says 'yes you are one who is staring at this Mohannad not me'. They all started laughing and my face was all red. I told him 'I am sorry but I didnt even knew that this is the TV serial that everyone is watching'. The old man replies back 'It's ok son admit it that you like it we will just add you with the others'. My face was all red and I didnt have words to say.

I have never watched this show or any TV serials. So today I decided to search on google who is Mohannad and Noor. I am still confused!!!!! The pic below is of the two faces that I was lost and staring at yesterday. But the pic up says Noor on it so I am considering they might be the two of them.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tropic Thunder

I went to watch this movie Thursday night with few friends. I really liked the movie. Its a mixture of comedy and action. Nice comedy, nice action and a good way to start your weekend.

Tropic Thunder

Friday, August 15, 2008

Life On The Mean Lane

I have never learned lessons from my mistakes.

I have fallen badly so many times but still I get up and walk through the same steps again thinking no the coming steps will lead me to better people and better way.

My elders and friends always advised me to learn from my mistakes too but I never did.

I kept falling and falling till I lost the feeling of how it feels when people hurt you.

So I have decided to become MEAN from today.

A good friend advised 'Amu should only think about Amu for a while'

I need to change my attitude towards the humans in this world. I might learn something this time!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wikipedia Tag

Click on the pic to get a larger view

  • go to Wikipedia
  • search for your birthday date
  • there is an "edit" next to the birth
  • write the exact codes they wrote and write what you wanna write about your self
  • use the print screen option and then post it on ur blog

LiL Master

Rem this little master my niece I wrote about her few months back. She is so clever and adorable Mashallah.

She is just 3 1/2 and she knows how to operate I phone. I heard from my sis before and saw her playing around with the phone a few times but yesterday I sat with her and she knows her way around. She can enter the Ipod section and scroll through the list of music files listed there and then select the song. Even though she cant read whats written but the way she scrolls the list with her tiny fingers is like as if she knows all what she wants. Then she plays the songs and skips it if she doesn't like it. The other day she was asking her father 'baba I cant find the games here where are they now?'

Now when I compare her with me...Let see when I was 3 what was I like.... mmmm I guess I was nothing compared to her as far as I can think! Kids these days are mashallah so clever and smart.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Starbucks In Al Naweseeb

Yesterday when I was out with a friend for a long drive towards Kheran. I noticed that the last stop which comes before the border where Texas Chicken is had a sign Starbucks opening soon. I remember before they had a sheesha place there and bikers used to go there and sit for sometime before they could ride back again. I was really happy to see that and I am sure a lot of bikers will be glad to know that they can even ride further down now once it opens.

Friday, August 8, 2008

On The Bridge

Standing on the bridge I look around to see that hundreds of people are in a mess. I look on my left to see people drunk and fighting with blood pouring off their heads and noses. I look on my right to see extreme racist people bullying each other. I look down to witness that people are gambling, raping, robbing, dancing and busy with their lives. I look at the far end corner of the street to see an old man and his wife witnessing all this but still silently enjoying their cup of tea. I look on the road to see the busy cars ignoring all these people and rushing to their destinations.

All this stops my breath for a second and makes me think is this the day of judgment. As the cool breeze makes my body shiver my thoughts flip to another side where I think I should go and stop these people for fighting, gambling…I should stop this racism among them but why am I not as helpful as before. Why am I not spreading my hand out to a stranger who I have never known is in need of a help? Where is my humanity? Why am I not spreading the message of love replacing the lies?

But then my heart stops and my mind takes over it telling me walk your way don’t look back and mind your own business. What have you got for being kind? Be kind to your self and the people who deserve to be kind with. As I fall down in pain I look at the far left corner of the road to see a friend is in need of help. I get up forgetting my pain move two steps forward to spread my hand for help then stop for a second. I look at the right to see my car parked on the road side waiting for me. I look at the left to see my once so called friend in pain that I have always helped in life but always got pain. It’s hard to choose my path but I ignore the world and its troubles, sit in my car drive crossing the bridge heading to my destination.


**The above is related to my life. Its not a story from a book. Its what I poured out of my heart yesterday at 4pm. El7emdella I am very happy in life : ) . Pouring out what one has in him is always good.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Flash Back

A beautiful song just hit my mind and I have been singing it since yesterday.

Have a nice sunny weekend :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


How do you feel with the situation when you can not use your ATM card for your purchases just because k-net is down all over Kuwait? Mark posted about it yesterday too.

I experienced it yesterday when I was at Costa in Keifan and my transaction got declined luckily I had cash on me. I am not a credit card person and never rely on them so for me its a big headache when Knet is out of order. Later in the evening I went to Suzuki to pay for my motorcycle and my transaction got declined again.

I finally go to the bank to withdraw the cash and for testing I just withdraw KD5. So my account should be KD5 less but no its KD10 less because of these errors. So its not just on the purchases its even withdrawing from the ATM machines. I call the bank and they advice me that its not just with me there are many other customers who have had the same issues. Thats just redicilous!!!!!! They promised me that I will get my money back in 24 hours but its been more than 48 hours and nothing done yet.

Update: I just called NBK and they are saying that people who have been over charged will get their money refunded by 5pm today!

Monday, August 4, 2008

جريدة 2070‏

I got this as a fwd in my email what really made me laugh is when I read about the TV serial Noor.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

2 IN 1

On Friday I was in Avenues Mall and after having lunch I headed to wash my hands. When all of a sudden a guy wearing dishdasha enters the wash room folds his sleeves up, takes out this long pen from his pocket inserts it in his arm and starts giving himself shots. The guy looked so weird with his looks that I got so scared and locked my self in one of the toilets till I heard the cleaner walking in to clean.As far as I know if he was diabetic he should have given himself one shot. But giving himself 10 shots or less is scary.....

On Saturday I went to the airport to change the booking for my sister as she had to travel. Walking out towards my car all of a sudden I notice that the right side of the front bumper is scratched. Let me tell you I am a really sensitive person when it comes up to cars. My car is like a second home to me. So I bend down and start cleaning it for 5 mins till the mark is nearly gone. I get up walk towards the door and guess what!!!! The car wasn't mine :p It was the same color/car but not my car....WTH.... I looked around to see if no one was laughing at me and then walked away.